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Where to buy dark beer in Pattaya and Thailand

“Don't drink water (fish have sex in it) – drink beer!”

(opinion of a neighbor in the 9 Karat condominium, where I lived for about two years, but never saw this neighbor sober)

In the tourist areas of Thailand there is a fairly good variety of Western goods: milk (more…)

What is Decaf coffee? Decaffeinated coffee in Thailand

What is Decaf coffee

Decaf is short for “Decaffeinated”. Both of these terms refer to coffee without caffeine.

To be more precise, it is not possible to completely get rid of caffeine, but it is possible to reduce its content by 94% to 98%. Typically, decaffeinated (more…)

Poisonous “mangoes” and other inedible fruits in Thailand

Some time ago, tourists got poisoned by a fruit, which I want to talk about in this article.

Many fruits are not edible and even poisonous

There are a lot of fruits in the Thai market. Many of them do not grow in the countries from which tourists come. However, some of the tropical (more…)

What does yellow watermelon taste like? How to tell yellow watermelons from red ones

What does yellow watermelon taste like?

Some time ago, an unfortunate incident happened to me: in the fruit market, I chose the largest and most ripe watermelon for myself. And when we came home and cut it open, it turned out that its flesh was yellow.

It tastes yellow, even very ripe, (more…)

Texas Chicken – great and inexpensive fast food in Thailand

In Thailand, there are brands of popular international fast food chains (junk food), for example:

  • McDonald's – very expensive and very small portions
  • KFC is good, but not enough to go there often
  • Subway – in this place I met my first wife, I have never (more…)

Coffee War: great military-themed café and shop

You know, there are all sorts of themed café like cafés with cats or cafés with dogs. Various people have different preferences. For example, I am not drawn to such places.

Coffee War is a military-themed café. Moreover, the creators approached the task of creating (more…)