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Natural mineral water in Thailand

Drinking water in Thailand, regardless of brand, can be divided into two groups:

  • obtained by purification (usually a combination of reverse osmosis, ultraviolet irradiation and ozone treatment)
  • natural mineral water

Purified water (if you buy on tap) costs 1 baht per (more…)

How and what to use the bonuses of mobile operators in Thailand (dtac and AIS)

When paying for mobile communications in Thailand, for example, dtac and AIS operators, you can see how some bonuses accumulate in mobile applications.

These bonuses are called:

  • Coins – in dtac
  • Points – in AIS

I didn't take them seriously at (more…)

Good and inexpensive buffet in Jomtien

For me, the most favorite and reference buffet is ShabuShi Buffet, so I unwittingly compare all buffets with this institution.

The other day I discovered a new buffet called Ninja BBQ Buffet Pattaya (นินจา บาร์บีคิว สาขาจอมเทียน) and I can say that I liked this place and it can compete with (more…)

Good seafood restaurant in Jomtien

Pupen (also called Pupen Seafood) is a Thai seafood restaurant overlooking the beach and the sea.

The main characteristic of Pupen, perhaps, is its hype (about the same as with After Yum, if that name tells you anything).

In Pupen, the food is delicious, but not cheap either. If you (more…)