Natural mineral water in Thailand

Drinking water in Thailand, regardless of brand, can be divided into two groups:

  • obtained by purification (usually a combination of reverse osmosis, ultraviolet irradiation and ozone treatment)
  • natural mineral water

Purified water (if you buy on tap) costs 1 baht per liter, purified bottled water costs about 10 baht per liter and a half, natural mineral water costs about 20 baht per liter and a half.

Drinking tap water is highly discouraged.

Drinking water vending machines

In such vending machines you can buy purified drinking water.

The price is usually 1 baht for 1 liter of water.

I drank this water for a long time, I did not get sick.

The attitude of Thais to water from such machines is different. Someone, like me, drinks it and does not worry about anything. My first wife said that this is the same water that flows from the tap. The second wife says that it all depends on how regularly the water filter is changed. The condominium where she works has these machines, and she says the filters are changed regularly. But the fact is that even at work she drinks water from the store, and she orders natural mineral water…

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Bottled Purified Water

Such water is obtained by approximately the same methods as in water vending machines, but you can be sure that all purification technologies are followed.

Examples of purified water brands:




Nestlé (Nestle)


Note that 7-Select natural mineral water is also available.


This water is produced by The Coca Cola Company.

Purified water in 6 liter canisters

Many of the brands listed above sell water in 6 liter canisters. I have never met natural water in 6 liter canisters.

As for the price, in 1.5 bottles and in 6 liter canisters the price per liter is almost the same.

Natural drinking water in Thailand

The following brands claim that their water is pure natural.

Mineré (Minere)


Purrá (Purra)

Mont Fleur

7-Select natural mineral water

Natural mineral water is about twice as expensive as regular bottled water. In 7-Eleven stores you will always find cheap water, but in some small stores expensive water may not be available, especially in packaging of 6 bottles of 1.6 liters. Most often in stores in this packaging you can find Mineré and Aura.

Free water delivery to your home

By the way, 7-Eleven provides free shipping (for orders over 100 baht). You can also order water with home delivery.

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