How to pay your water bill in Thailand

Where to get and pay your water bill in Thailand

With long-term rental apartments, as a rule, tenants pay bills for water and electricity.

The water bill arrives at the end of the month, usually on the 25th-26th. If your condominium has mailboxes, you will find your bills in the mailbox. If there are no mailboxes, then water and electricity bills can be collected from the Juridical person of your condominium (management company, condominium employees who are in the office next to the lobby of your condo).

Who can turn off the water for non-payment

If you have already overdue payments for water and your apartment has been disconnected from the water supply, then you need to contact the Juridical person of your condo – the water is turned off by the condominium technician at the direction of the administrator from the Juridical person.

Payment of electricity bill in Juridical person condominium

The easiest way to pay your electricity bills is to go to the Juridical person of the condominium and pay there.

Some condominiums accept payment without any questions, and some try to teach guests to pay online.

Moreover, if a Juridical person has a connection with you on LINE, then they can send you a water bill through this messenger and not send a paper copy.

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For example, in the second month of my stay in a condominium, I received a water bill in the mailbox. And on the third month of my stay, after I had already contacted the Juridical person on various issues and they got to know me, they sent me the bill in LINE. And in my case, they sent the bill separately and sent a separate QR code for payment. If you also have, then when scanning the QR code, check the details, first of all, check the correctness of the room number.

You can pay your water bill in mobile banking – of course, if you have a Thai bank account.

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How to pay for water in Thailand in mobile banking

Open your bank's mobile app and select the Scan option.

Scan the QR code on your water bill.

If you were sent a water bill online, then click “From Gallery”.

Find the file with the sent QR code on your phone.

Check the correctness of the data and pay.


At the very end, you will be shown a receipt for paying the bill. Some mobile banking apps automatically save the receipt file to your phone.

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