Pattaya International Fireworks Festival 2022: day two, epic end (VIDEO)

I wrote about the first day of the festival here. There are also two videos with fireworks.

Perhaps the most epic moment of the entire festival (the full video of the fireworks is below):


On the first day of the show, the program started on time, but the fireworks themselves, compared to the schedule, started 30 minutes later. It's a 15 minute walk from my house to Central Festival, plus we decided to take a taxi, plus I was sure that on the second day they would be delayed again.

All in all, we were in no rush. But they started on time! I heard the sounds of fireworks when I put on my shoes before leaving the house… I thought, still alright, now we will take a taxi and rush in 5 minutes.

We took a motorcycle taxi and… got stuck in a dead traffic jam at the nearest intersection. For 10 minutes, even motorbikes stood at the crossroads and could not pass in any way.

The salute itself could be observed directly from the Pattaya Klang crossroads, but it's not what I expected.

In general, we arrived at the Central Festival just before the start of the second fireworks.

  • Fireworks from Canada

The fireworks last only 10 minutes. We decided to stay for the second part of the program.

Both fireworks were excellent. The last salute was the final chord and especially spectacular!

  • Fireworks from Malaysia

Between fireworks there were concerts of popular performers here. The stage itself was on the beach in the Pattaya Klang area, but the sound equipment was placed in different places on the beach, for example, it was possible to listen in the Central Festival area.

It turned out to be an excellent holiday, even despite serious traffic jams – there are a lot of guests from different cities of Thailand.

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