Morning in Pattaya

Nightlife lovers may skip the morning. For them, nothing interesting happens in the morning: the bars (mostly) are closed, the girls sleep off. The day can be started in the afternoon or in the evening.

But in Pattaya, in the morning, the most ordinary city life is already seething: office workers rush to work, vegetable shops are already in full operation, taxi drivers are going somewhere.

The streets in the heart of Pattaya are especially busy. There are a lot of people on Sip Chet street from the very morning. There are already several foreigners, men of age, sitting in the D & D Café. They, or other elderly foreigners, are in this place every morning. Are they D&D House guests or the owners of the establishment?

Establishments like D & D Café have an indescribable atmosphere in the morning. For some reason, just sitting in it you feel that life is a success. You meet the morning in a heavenly place. Nearby, on the street, motorcyclists are hurrying somewhere – maybe to work, maybe returning home from women – and you do not need to rush anywhere. The feeling of long-awaited happiness and reward – it is already here and everything is just fine. For those who are here on a short vacation, the understanding is added to the feelings that the day will come when it will be necessary to leave here. Therefore, you need to revel in full, so that later there is something to remember.

In the morning you can order coffee in the café. Strong coffee with an indescribable aroma – this is simply impossible to make from instant coffee at home. You can order breakfast with scrambled eggs and bacon (or any other food). Or you can just ask for a bottle of cold beer right in the morning and be on your own wave. No one not only will not condemn, no one will even be surprised.

There is a morning smell in the air. In Thailand, the air has a smell, it is different in the morning and at night, when it rains a new smell. There are other smells near the pool or the sea. The smell is impossible to convey in words, it is slightly sweet and very intoxicating.

There are a lot of people on Soi Buakhao, it seems that the main idea there now is to find a place for breakfast. Soi Buakhao even has some bars open even though it's only 9am! In fairness, you need to pay attention that there is a minimum of staff, and of the “girls” only grandmothers.

On other streets, many shops are still closed in the morning.

There are already people on the beach, but not many. Mostly they are couples and singles of age who take a morning walk while the sun is not yet so hot.

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