Pattaya International Fireworks Festival 2022: amazing spectacle and music! (VIDEO)

The first day of Pattaya International Firework Festival 2022 has ended.

On the first day (December 25, 2022) the schedule was as follows:

We watched fireworks from Belgium and from Philippines – it was amazing!

Relevant Videos – after processing on YouTube, both videos will be in 4K, if you watch immediately after posting, then the video may be in low resolution:

  • Fireworks from Belgium

  • Fireworks from Philippines

We didn't stay for the rest of the program because it was a long day for my wife and me – we were applying for a family visa, and the next day she has to go to work.

Today we will visit again, and again we will see only the first part of the program – tomorrow she has to work again.

On the second day (December 26, 2022) the following is planned:

Impressions from Pattaya International Firework Festival

I really liked it! The combination of spectacular fireworks and music enhance emotions! Fireworks were launched from a platform on the sea, located approximately opposite the Central Festival. In addition to music and fireworks, the lights on the ship also flashed. To see and feel all this, you had to be quite close.

From afar, it was probably hard to hear the music or hard to see.

There were a lot of people, but not as many as, for example, in 2013, when I first saw the Pattaya International Firework Festival – that year after the show we stood in human traffic jams to return home.

Taxi drivers deserve special praise – they were all continuously busy, but to their credit, they did not raise prices that day.

A lot of visitors came to the city from different cities of Thailand, primarily from Bangkok – traffic jams and crowded parking lots in shopping centers.

In general, the usual life of a resort town during the festival, it is always like this here.

Second day of the festival: Pattaya International Fireworks Festival 2022: day two, epic end (VIDEO)

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