Alternative Quarantine at AVANI Atrium Bangkok

I am not vaccinated, so upon arrival in Thailand I went to a ten-day quarantine.

At the airport, I took my luggage and headed to the exit – now there is only one exit, you won’t miss it.

There are many tables with greeters. I approached the first one I came across, named my hotel, they showed me exactly where to go.

I was checked on the lists and told to wait a bit.

After 5-10 minutes, they approached me and took me to the exit of the airport – to put me in a van. Yes, instead of a passenger car, they allocated a whole minivan. I was separated from the driver by a transparent partition.

I am quarantined at AVANI Atrium Bangkok.

Details about quarantine packages can be found on this page: https://www.avanihotels.com/en/atrium-bangkok/offers/government-approved-quarantine-package

The hotel is present in Pattaya and Bangkok – you can choose any of them for quarantine. But in Pattaya it is much more expensive, because the hotel is near the sea. But I can’t leave the room – that’s why I don’t care about the sea, I chose Bangkok. In addition, I have business here – my friends keep my motorcycle here, so I need to pick it up when I leave for Pattaya.

I was taken somewhere (probably to a hospital) to take a test and was given a second set to take with me. Then they brought me to the AVANI Atrium Bangkok hotel.

In the lobby of the hotel, they gave me papers to bring me up to date (how the quarantine will go and all that) and explained the most important things in words. They also said that the temperature should be measured 2 times a day (a new thermometer was already in the room) and the data should be sent to the nurse's Line or WhatsApp.

I asked to find out about vaccination for me – they promised to help me.

A room on the fourteenth floor (in the hotel itself, I counted 23 floors).

The workplace is present, the bathroom is good. There is a master light. Lighting and air conditioning are controlled on the same panel next to the bed.

I was explained that there are drinks, snacks and coffee in the room, here they are:

There should also be coffee in this photo – but I drank it before I thought to take a photo:

Well, it's all free. But only coffee and water are replenished. That is, all this can be eaten and drunk and I do not have to pay. But when it runs out, I can only ask for free coffee (sugar and cream) and water.

At the moment, I have run out of coffee, they bring me replenishment in such a glass (this is the second one):

Also in the room (in addition to the usual hotel set) there are medical face masks, shoe covers, an increased supply of towels and cosmetics. Room cleaning during quarantine will be performed only 1 or 2 times.

You know, I woke up in the morning and the first thing I saw was this:

The feeling was that I woke up, but instead of reality, I fell into the next dream.

This is what the view from my room looks like at night:

Dawn from the window of the hotel AVANI Atrium Bangkok:

The next morning, I was informed by WhatsApp that my test was negative. I was allowed to walk for 45 minutes every day.

The walk is carried out on a green space right on the 14th floor, here:

View from this walking area:

A short video from the promenade of the AVANI Atrium Bangkok hotel:

View of the hotel itself (from the 14th floor of the same hotel):

On a walk we are from 1 to 3 people.

From the walking platform you can see the swimming pool located on the fourth floor.

For all the time I saw there only a few guests.

The girl at the pool takes pictures of cocktails.

Walks take place at certain times under the supervision of a nurse.

Corridor on my floor:

There is no security, but there are surveillance cameras.

Feed 3 times a day.

For breakfast, a choice of several items identical every day – I always order an American breakfast, I am not interested in others.

For lunch and dinner, a choice of nine items, the first three do not change and I do not like it, the other six change. There are options for vegetarians.

In this form, the food is delivered, it is left on the table by the door and the electronic bell rings.

This is breakfast:

Other food examples:

Vegetables and salad are different every time! Sometimes there are different Thai sweets. Actually everything is delicious!

Even for me, a man, there is enough food, so in order not to get fat, I do exercises in the room:

A yoga mat (I use it for aerobics and exercises) is present in the room.

There are red trash bags for waste, I put the leftovers in them, tie them up and put them under the table next to the door.

The cleaning lady has already done the first cleaning: she changed bed linen, towels, replenished water and cosmetics, and generally tidied up everywhere. Unlike the nurses, the cleaner was just wearing a mask. Nice young girl. At the time of cleaning, she took me to a spare room on the same floor.

Amazingly fast Wi-Fi (5 GHz) – a gigabyte video was uploaded to YouTube in some fantastically short time, I barely had time to think of a name for it.

I have a laptop with me, there is a comfortable workplace in the room with a table and a chair, so I work. There is also a large TV in the room – if you can't think of anything else to do. I don’t watch TV, so I never turned it on here, I can’t say anything about TV channels.

In AVANI Atrium Bangkok, Alternative Quarantine is very comfortable. I like everything very much.

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