Driver’s medical certificate in Thailand – how to get it with the least cost of time and money

Every time you get or exchange a driver's license in Thailand, you must have a fresh medical certificate.

In Thailand, with the medical examination of drivers, formally, everything should also be serious. If you go to the first big beautiful hospital that comes across, which looks more like a good hotel from the outside and inside than a medical institution, then it is likely that you will actually undergo some kind of medical examination: your blood pressure will be measured, your eyesight will be checked, and something else. The cost can be about 1000 baht (~$30).

But since this is Thailand, everything can be done much easier. You do not need large and beautiful hospitals, but you need small offices of private doctors, for example:

In this cute little “hospital” I just got my medical certificate a few days ago to renew my Thai driving license.

I went in, said “I need a medical certificate for a driving license”, was immediately seated in a chair in front of the doctor, who measured my blood pressure, asked for my passport and… that's all with a medical examination.

Literally a couple of minutes for the doctor to fill out the certificate form, pay 200 baht (~$6), and I have a medical certificate.

How to find private doctors' offices: search for “doctor” or “clinic” on Google maps, look at pictures or switch to Street View mode, if there are no pictures, make sure that this is a small doctor's office.

Total expenses for replacement and obtaining a driver's license

How much money is needed in total to obtain and replace a driver's license?

  • medical certificate: 80-100 baht (may be more expensive, depending on the hospital you choose)
  • certificate of residence (300-500 baht)
  • driver's license:
  • motorcycle (temporary for 2 years): 155 baht
  • motorcycle (for 5 years): 205 baht
  • car (temporary for 2 years): 355 baht
  • car (for 5 years): 605 baht

When obtaining a driver's license for the first time, they always give a temporary license. When replacing a driver's license, they can give both temporary (in the absence of a visa) and permanent ones.

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