Why are there half cotton swabs and toothpicks in elevators

Why in Thailand in elevators are half of cotton buds and toothpicks

After the next move in my life and settling into a new condominium, I noticed the following installation in the elevator: a square of foam plastic is marked into squares at the corners of which holes are made and halves of cotton swabs are inserted.

Surprised for the first few times, I stopped noticing this design, although its purpose remained a mystery to me.

In the end, a random fellow passenger in the elevator revealed this secret: he took one of the cotton swabs and pressed it on the button. After that, the used wand was thrown into the trash can.

That is, cotton swabs in elevators are designed to prevent people from transmitting the infection through the elevator buttons.

Despite the unusualness of this approach, I must admit that I myself, before any COVID-19, always press the buttons with my knuckle. By the way, I also formed the habit of washing my hands after the street even before the popularized coronavirus.

Long before COVID-19, my friend in Bangkok taught me not to hold hands in BTS (subway), but to hold on to something else.

But using cotton buds has never become my habit. And after a while they completely disappeared from the elevator.

One of my acquaintances said that instead of cotton swabs, there may be toothpicks in the elevator for the same purposes.

Simple personal hygiene tips:

1. Avoid touching anything outside of the home whenever possible.

2. Try not to touch any mucous membranes on the body outside the home

3. Be sure to wash your hands with soap when you return home.

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