Coffee War: great military-themed café and shop

You know, there are all sorts of themed café like cafés with cats or cafés with dogs. Various people have different preferences. For example, I am not drawn to such places.

Coffee War is a military-themed café. Moreover, the creators approached the task of creating a cafe brutally and on a grand scale. The exhibition of military equipment Coffee War covers an area of approximately 250×100 meters, and the cafeterias themselves are located in two real planes. You can go into the cockpit and sit in the pilot's chairs. You can see with your own eyes, as well as touch, and in some places even climb into the inside of historical military and near-military equipment and vehicles.

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How much is entrance to Coffee War

In Coffee War, a ticket costs 100 baht. But not only is the price itself quite low, this price includes any drink. For example, I chose their signature coffee called “Coffee War”. The coffee turned out to be just great: very tasty and with its own zest.

My wife ordered iced green tea for herself – tea was ordinary, like everywhere else.

My wife also ordered a piece of cake, which also cost 100 baht. I am not a fan of sweets, but this cake was excellent, I really liked it, I have not eaten such delicious desserts for a long time.

In general, although you have to pay the formal 100 baht, we can say that the exhibition is practically free for you, since you will receive your delicious drink, which will come in handy in this heat.

Opening hours of Coffee War. How to get to Coffee War

Coffee War is open from 8.00 to 18.00. You can see this time on the tickets.

Also on the tickets you can see the Coffee War phone number for inquiries: 0831119595

Route map from Pattaya to Coffee War

Where to buy tickets to Coffee War

Entrance to the territory of Coffee War is free.

Parking spaces for cars are located in different places of the exhibition, just find any free one.

I did not find special places for parking motorbikes, so I parked under one of the planes, next to other motorcycles.

You can buy tickets and order a drink at the chassis of any of the aircraft.

After payment, go up the ladder to the plane, there your order will already be waiting for you.

There, if you wish, you can buy a cake, water and more.

There are two such aircraft. The ticket gives the right to visit one aircraft. If you want to go to the second one, then you will have to order a drink again. I have only been on one plane, which at the entrance to the Coffee War territory is on the right, a little further from the exit than the first plane.

Cafeteria Coffee War

The entrance to the café is located at the back of the aircraft.

Although if you enter through another entrance, from the front, it won't make much of a difference.

Nice stylish place.

Bottles of vodka are most likely for decoration.

Stripes, orders and medals:

Pick up your order, sit down in any free seat and enjoy your drink. The aircraft is air conditioned.

View from the ladder of the plane. Pay attention to the background, there are beautiful mountains of Rayong province.

The cockpit is open on the plane

Don't forget to visit the cockpit!

Amazing feeling!

Toggle switches and sensors – I knew that there are a lot of them on the plane, but that there are actually such a huge number of them, I did not expect!

When my wife with a serious face began to switch the toggle switches, for a split second I was afraid that we were really going to fly somewhere, or at least we would go)))) That is, I was not afraid of the flight itself, but of the fact that my wife was at the helm )))

You can sit in the pilot's seat – very comfortable. Pilots have no idea how economy class passengers suffer )))) Are pilots allowed to drink alcohol at the controls? So many questions…

By the way, when you move one of the wheels, the second completely repeats the actions of the first, that is, the wheels always move synchronously.

Video from the Coffee War cockpit:

Exhibition of military equipment Coffee War

When you're done with the plane, you can inspect samples of military and aircraft equipment.

The exposition does not claim to be museum-like, and transport and equipment do not even have signatures. It's more of an overgrown cafeteria set that isn't meant to overwhelm your mind, it's more about impressing you. For example, I have serious doubts about the fact that Captain Jack Sparrow served in the Navy on a patrol boat.

Although, from the flags and inscriptions, you can sometimes guess which country and which historical period this or that instance belongs to.

US Army helicopter.

The aircraft, judging by its appearance, is a medium-haul civilian airliner.

Military aircraft of some past generation.

Another army helicopter.

Military pickup truck of yesteryear.

Military truck under a camouflage net.

Submarine (“We all live in a yellow submarine, Yellow submarine, yellow submarine”).

These stylish signs will tell you where the food court or toilet is located. In this case, the pointer directs you to the shooting range.

Check out the size of the turbine – they are huge!

And another helicopter.

And another army truck under a camouflage net.

US Army aircraft of yesteryear.

A military boat of yesteryear and sculptures of soldiers. By the way, if you take pictures next to them, then be careful: despite their formidable appearance, I almost dropped one of the soldiers when I lightly leaned on him.

And another ancient military aircraft.

Previous planes were American, this is a Japanese plane.

Apparently, this is a Chinese military truck of yesteryear.

Military boats, underwater swimming apparatus, aircraft tractors.

Rescue car.

Fire engine.

Medical car.

Jeep of yesteryear and sculptures of soldiers.

This is a food court where you can eat more heartily.

I understand those who love cars and motorcycles of the last century!

Army motorcycle of yesteryear.

This is the switchboard section telephone (Starlink begins).

Is it either a bicycle or a motorcycle – I still do not understand. In general, Harley-Davidson begins.

German car from World War II.

On this side, a pickaxe is fixed on it, on the other side, a shovel.

Inside this plane you can also order and drink coffee, but I was not in it.

Airplane on the roof of the food court.

Some military equipment of the past.

Another Jeep from yesteryear.

Apparently, this is a yellow fire truck or some other specialized vehicle.

And another plane.

Shop Coffee War

On the territory of Coffee War there are premises stylized as a military warehouse. Reminds me of Half-Life.

I don't know if this uniform is decoration or for sale?

Perhaps here you can buy clothes for an astronaut or a military man.

Some of the things are definitely an element of decor and exhibition exposition. But some things have price tags. For example, you can buy a compass and knives.

Shoes and gloves in military style.

These items have price tags. But I recommend that you be careful with knives in terms of legislation. What may be considered legal in Thailand may be considered edged weapons in your country, requiring a permit (license) to own and (or) carry. And you may have problems both at the airport with customs, and in the future with the police.

Another plane.

And again a military aircraft:

Jeep with trailer.

And we have already seen this helicopter, which means that the tour has come to an end.

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