Ban Amphur Beach: the best beach in Pattaya

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1. Ban Amphur Beach – a great beach in the suburbs of Pattaya

2. How to get to Ban Amphur Beach by public transport

3. What are the activities at Ban Amphur Beach. Things to do at Ban Amphur Beach

4. Sun lounger rental at Ban Amphur Beach

5. Running and walking trail at Ban Amphur Beach

6. 500 meter stone pier in the sea at Ban Amphur Beach

7. How to get to neighboring beaches from Ban Amphur Beach

8. Floating platforms at Ban Amphur Beach

9. Playground and sports area at Ban Amphur Beach

10. Sunsets Ban Amphur Beach

11. Why Ban Amphur Beach is one of the best beaches in Pattaya

Although Pattaya does not suffer from a lack of beaches, they are not ideal in this city: not very clean water and quite a lot of people.

In recent years, the situation has improved: the authorities are expanding the beaches, and now it is not a narrow strip of sand, but very wide beaches that are nice to look at. The beaches of Jomtien have been especially improved.

In the central part, the beaches are also quite good, but they are crowded with people. Moreover, there are a lot of people on the central beach at any time of the day.

If you need turquoise water like on postcards, then the nearest place to Pattaya with such beaches is Ko Lan island. There are amazing views and relaxation, but there are even more people on the beaches of this island than on the beaches of Pattaya! But in any case, I highly recommend visiting Ko Lan – this is a place of stunning beauty. Yes, and a more secluded beach, if you wish, you will also find. Not quite deserted, of course, but not overly crowded either.

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Ban Amphur Beach – a great beach in the suburbs of Pattaya

Ban Amphur Beach is a large, fairly clean beach with a length of about a kilometer. Here, in addition to sunbeds for relaxing and a long sandy coastline about 1 km long, there is a path for walking and running, there is also a stone pier extending into the sea at 500 m. There are also a couple of platforms on the water where you can take interesting photos or watch sunset.

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The disadvantages of Ban Amphur Beach include its remoteness – about 15 km from Pattaya. But, on the one hand, this beach can still be reached by public transport for 20 baht (white tuk-tuks), but it is not crowded and spacious enough for you to enjoy a relaxing holiday by the sea.

How to get to Ban Amphur Beach by public transport

You can get to Ban Amphur beach on white tuk-tuks that run from Pattaya to neighboring cities. The fare is only 20 baht. Details about this public transport, as well as a map with the stops mentioned, can be found in the article “White tuk-tuks on Sukhumvit and tuk-tuks to attractions: where stops and routes”.

In short, the algorithm of actions is as follows:

  1. Coming from Pattaya, cross over to the other side of Sukhumvit road as you need a tuk tuk heading towards Sattahip.
  2. Find the bus stop and wait for the white tuk tuk.
  3. Get off at the location marked “Bus stop Ban Amphur Beach” on the map above.
  4. Cross over to the other side of Sukhumvit.
  5. Walk towards Sattahip to Ban Amphoe Post Office (300 meters).
  6. Turn right and head towards the sea and Ban Amphur Beach (400 meters).

In this photo, the turn from the Sukhumvit road to Ban Amphur beach:

What are the activities at Ban Amphur Beach. Things to do at Ban Amphur Beach

First of all, let's start with what is not. There are no street vendors here who are annoyingly approaching and trying to sell you a product or service.

Also, here you will not find such water activities as riding a banana boat, renting jet skis, parasailing and more. In short, you must organize all your leisure time yourself.

The beach itself (if you are moving from Sukhumvit) stretches a little to the right (there are sun loungers and umbrellas here) and goes quite a bit to the left.

On the right side of the beach, in addition to sun loungers, you will find several gazebos, two floating platforms, long stone piers.

Opposite the right side of the beach there is a playground, a sports ground and free toilets. A little further to the right, already outside the beach, you will find a restaurant.

The left side of the beach stretches for almost a kilometer. It is almost free of sun loungers, and you can walk and relax on it in relative solitude. There is a vast area of sandy beach, so you can bring your own mat and relax for free.

So, on Ban Amphur Beach you can sunbathe, swim, there are conditions for outdoor sports or a relaxing holiday.

You can also explore the stone pier extending half a kilometer into the sea and neighboring beaches.

Sun lounger rental at Ban Amphur Beach

Here you can rent sun loungers and enjoy relaxing on the beach in the shade of umbrellas. You can also order drinks and food there.

The area with sun loungers occupies a very small part of the beach, you can see them directly from the parking lot.

Running and walking trail at Ban Amphur Beach

If you feel like walking or running, then move to the left side of Ban Amphur. There is a good road here. In some places there are gazebos and tables with benches.

The territory of the beach on the left side is heterogeneous: sometimes it is covered with sand, sometimes with herbaceous vegetation typical of sea beaches.

Almost at the very end you will see several sun loungers and a swing – they belong to the hotel.

If you are walking on a sunny day, then the palm trees provide almost no protection from the sun. Use sunscreen.

In the evening, there are magnificent sunsets. Below there will be a separate section dedicated to sunsets at Ban Amphur Beach.

Some of the adjoining roads lead to private houses or hotels, you should not go there. But there is also a road that goes to Sukhumvit. That is, in addition to the beach, you can explore the surrounding areas.

There is really a lot of space – there is enough space for everyone!

This is a young coconut. What huge seeds this tree has!

And these are cacti.

And the cacti are blooming. I saw cacti blooming in April.

View of Ban Amphur Beach from its left side.

If these were real lemons, then their owner could make good money)))

On the left side of the beach you can see the restaurants on the hill. They offer excellent views.

When you reach the end of the beach, you will stumble upon small rocks, you can turn around and go back, but the most inquisitive ones can look for the entrance to neighboring beaches – more on that below.

I have always wanted to capture the moment when the water rises or falls during high or low tide. In fact, in Hua Hin, returning home along the beach, the tide flooded the path we were on, and we had to get out onto the road. But all the same, it happened somehow gradually and at the same time quite abruptly: at first we could walk on the sand, and then we reached the area where all the sand was flooded.

On Ban Amphur Beach, I managed to see how the water comes. The next video shows that each new stream of water rises higher than the previous one. By the end of this very short video, the stones are submerged, which at the beginning of the video are above the water.

500 meter stone pier in the sea at Ban Amphur Beach

On the right side of the beach you will see the entrance to the stone pier.

At the beginning of the pier, several trees grow right on it, so it is difficult to estimate its true length. And its length is about 500 meters!

Although the surface is lined with stones and there are quite large gaps between them, we reached the end of this pier without any problems.

Path along the stone pier at Ban Amphur Beach.

At the very end is a small lighthouse.

View of the coast from the lighthouse.

A small video on the outskirts of the stone pier at Ban Amphur Beach.

Parallel to this pier is another, very similar. The entrance to it is located on the territory of the hotel. But fishermen on boats moor there and catch fish from it.

And this is the same stone pier looks from the side.

Okay, curiosity got the better of laziness, and I googled it. It turned out that this was not a pier at all, but a “mole”.

A mole is a massive structure, usually of stone, used as a pier, breakwater, or a causeway separating two bodies of water. A mole may have a wooden structure built on top of it that resembles a wooden pier. The defining feature of a mole, however, is that water cannot freely flow underneath it, unlike a true pier.

The word comes from Middle French mole, ultimately from Latin mōlēs, meaning a large mass, especially of rock; it has the same root as molecule and mole, the chemical unit of measurement.


How to get to neighboring beaches from Ban Amphur Beach

From the stone pier you could see strips of sandy beaches separated by rocks. Most likely, they have a path from the Sukhumvit road, although they may be blocked by private territory.

Let me remind you that not a single beach in Thailand can be private, since all the beaches belong to the King of Thailand. But there may be private territory around the beaches.

That is, you can get to these beaches isolated from Ban Amphur Beach and this will not be considered a violation of the law. But you cannot cross the boundaries of the private area between the beach and Sukhumvit. These areas are marked with appropriate inscriptions.

From Ban Amphur Beach there are two entrances to small neighboring beaches. But both are available at low tide.

But the paths to the neighboring beach are still unsafe. But not because of a violation of the law, but in the sense that you will need to walk on rather steep stones. I do not urge you to climb there, on the contrary, I recommend not to go there. It is not safe!

The first move is along the path through the mountain cliff. On the other side, some pretty steep rocks will be waiting for you. To find the path, go to the end of Ban Amphur beach and keep walking along the dark rocks until you see a path going to the left. It can be seen quite well. If you can't find it, then most likely you came at high tide and just can't get to the right place.

The second passage to the neighboring beach is a partially flooded path between the stones even at low tide. To pass them, you need to go along the dark stones before turning left. You will see the passage only after the turn, it is impossible to see the path from the shore. The stones are damp in places – be extremely careful or just don't go there.

The path to the next beach is easier – a small passage through a stone cliff.

Stones separating two small beaches next to Ban Amphur Beach.

We admired another hidden beach and decided to turn back, as we had to make it before high tide.

Floating platforms at Ban Amphur Beach

Two floating platforms, one closer to the shore, and the second at some distance.

On them you can admire the sunset, take unusual photos of the coast “from the sea”, or just sit on the edge of the platform and enjoy a slight rocking.

View of the beach from the platform.

Playground and sports area at Ban Amphur Beach

Next to the park, opposite sun loungers with umbrellas, there is a playground.

Here you will also find exercise equipment for outdoor sports.

Sunsets Ban Amphur Beach

Further photos of sunsets at Ban Amphur beach.

In this video, the sun disappears completely during sunset. The video was filmed at normal speed.

Why Ban Amphur Beach is one of the best beaches in Pattaya

Probably, before saying so, it is necessary to clarify, the best beach for what?

If you want to drink beer on the beach at night with music, then for this you will not need to go anywhere further than the beach along Beach Road.

A unique feature of Ban Amphur Beach, unlike other beaches in Pattaya, is a small concentration of people.

On this beach you can get exactly what we want from the sea in the first place: relaxation and rest from the hustle and bustle. In Pattaya, after the return of tourists, this is not possible.

Roads along Beach Road and Jomtiensaineung Rd. so crowded with people that even walking becomes uncomfortable, because you have to constantly maneuver between other walkers.

And Ban Amphur Beach has it all to offer you: a paved road or a path along the sea's edge – it's all up to you.

A short trip by tuk-tuk or motorbike, and now you are on the loneliest beach in Pattaya, Ban Amphur Beach.

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