Rai Homfa: private park with a sea of flowers and places to relax

This is an interesting phenomenon when in the center of Thai Nowhere something very beautiful and very large is built, open to everyone for a very small fee.

You know, it happens that you are driving along the road, and after a few hours you want to rest, drink coffee and stretch your legs. You park your motorcycle, order coffee, look around, and there’s this:

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Rai Homfa is a garden (or park) with a lot of flowers and vegetables. There is also a small cafeteria where you can order coffee and desserts.

On the territory of Rai Homfa there are many places to relax in the shade (hammocks and a variety of benches).

And there is also a toilet with air conditioning – I don’t remember seeing this anywhere else (except perhaps in shopping centers).

In addition to all this, Rai Homfa sells seeds – perhaps after exploring the local garden you will want to grow something yourself.

Rai Homfa is located in the Thai province of Lampang.

Rai Homfa coordinates: go to map.

Rai Homfa opening hours: 8AM – 5PM.

You can rent a bicycle in Rai Homfa, but, in my opinion, this is unnecessary – the area is not that large. In addition, some of the woven bamboo paths are not very comfortable to ride on a bicycle.

Entrance fees:

  • for foreigners – 100 baht
  • for Thais – 50 baht

Where they sell tickets, you can buy seeds, vegetables, etc. And there you can get and top up your card – in the cafeteria you can only pay with a card. Any unspent money will be returned to you – the system is very similar to Thai food courts.

There are several buildings and flower beds near the cafeteria. The toilet is made in the shape of a ship.

While walking, you will see a road that leads towards a field – there are even more flowers there!

A huge King Kong emerges from the ground:

Bee and ants, as well as an observation tower:

Video of the bee in Rai Homfa:

You can see the mountains on the horizon – overall the landscape is very relaxing, like an idealistic village.

And like in any village, even an ideal one, work here never stops. Here, either the landscaping of the territory has not yet been completed, or work is being done to maintain and care for the existing plantings. Or all at once.

The observation tower offers 360° views.

Video from the Rai Homfa observation tower:

It is quite possible that this place looks different at different times of the year. For example, the flowers in these flower beds are still very small, but perhaps they will grow soon. And the plants that are now blooming will by this time already wither and be replaced by new crops.

To take photographs surrounded by flowers, there are special bridges along which you can go inside the plantations without crushing the flowers.

The bridges and some paths are made of woven bamboo. They say it is quite strong, but under me it swayed very much and it was uncomfortable for me to walk.

Walk between the flowers in Rai Homfa:

The mountains on the horizon are very beautiful!

The green corridor is impressive, in which the walls and roof are formed by melons – I saw all these varieties of plants for the first time. If I'm not mistaken, this is Kabocha squash or green Japanese pumpkin.

Video from the green corridor with zucchini and cucumbers in Rai Homfa:

A beautiful decorative waterfall, abundantly decorated with flowers.

Video of the waterfall in Rai Homfa:

There are also small ponds, next to which you can relax while admiring the water or the flowers and mountains.

There are a variety of hammocks and other places to relax.

So, if you are already in Lampang province and traveling to its attractions, then Rai Homfa is a good reason to stop and relax. Conveniently, Rai Homfa is close to some other interesting sites, notably Wat Chaloem Phrakiat: Temple of the Floating Pagodas.

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Rai Homfa is perfect for a unique photo shoot among flowers.

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