Why are high hatches on the roads in Thailand?

On the road, especially in the process of being repaired, you could see hatches like this, which are clearly higher than the road level and clearly pose a danger to any vehicle.

In order for the road to receive the title of the most dangerous, the same high hatches for pedestrians are made on the sidewalk.

It would seem that for normal people everything is obvious: the road is not completed, when the repair of the road is completed, then the hatches will not be visible. (But there is definitely a need for a guardrail next to each hatch.)

But I met people on social networks who, in all seriousness, were sure that this would now remain forever.

I decided to wait for the work to be completed (almost 1 year between the first and last photos – appreciate my endurance and patience) and show how the hatches will look after the repair is completed.

So, as ones say, the starting position: the hatch is located on the carriageway, much higher than the roadway.

Since I take my wife to work and pick her up from work on this road, I saw how this road is being built. There are concrete corridors below the surface – a whole small world. Under the road there is a sewer in which a person can stand in full growth.

I didn't watch on purpose when they started laying asphalt (several months passed from the appearance of hatches to asphalting). But in this frame you can see that I caught the moment when asphalt was being laid near this very hatch.

As you can see, it has become better (safer), but still the hatch is higher than the roadbed – in the modern world they don’t build like that!

Finally, another layer of asphalt made the hatch flush with the road.

Perhaps you want to see how the hatch on the sidewalk began to look. Either they haven't finished it yet, or I forgot to take a picture for you. Here is an intermediate stage of pavement repair, which I photographed elsewhere.

That is, tiles are laid around, and the hatch is flush with the road. Subsequently, all holes and cracks will also be eliminated.


The road has not been completed yet. Although it is probably more correct to say that the road is being built, since in fact they are actually building a road from scratch, although it passes through the same place where the old road was. This is my second year of following this process. And although I started observing far from the very beginning, I think they will not finish soon. The length of the road is about 3 km. Now in some places they are already building a separator between traffic flows.

They say that the road, made according to modern technologies, does not require repairs for 40-50 years.

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