How to call a taxi in Thailand and Bangkok. Applications for calling a taxi

Taxi in Bangkok

Uber doesn't work in Bangkok. You can install the Uber application, successfully register in it, confirm your contacts, but when it comes to calling a taxi, you will receive a message that Uber is not supported in Bangkok.

Hailing a cab was the main way to get a taxi a few years ago. Probably, it still works, but is it convenient? Such taxis operate on a taximeter and the price of a trip is usually lower than in the resort cities of Thailand.

Even with taxi drivers who are driven by the meter, you can bargain – they are not always satisfied with the proposed conditions, but I have seen how Bangkok residents bargain with taxi drivers.

Sometimes a taxi driver may just refuse to take you to the place you need due to traffic jams or for other reasons. Sometimes a taxi driver offers his price without a meter.

How to get a taxi in Bangkok

All of the above is accompanied by communication with taxi drivers of Thai nationality, who do not always speak English…

Now there are alternative ways to call a taxi. I can’t say that they are cheaper than the classic hand-caught taxi, but at least they are an alternative that solves such problems as:

1) search for a free car

2) the consent of the taxi driver to take you to a certain place

3) price negotiation

It all looks like an Uber app, right? Yes, this article is dedicated to the applications for calling a taxi in Thailand. I am aware of two such applications: inDriverGrab and Bolt. If you know other alternatives, then write them in the comments – I will be happy to test them and add them to the article!

What has been said in this article applies primarily to Bangkok, but may be relevant to other cities in Thailand.

Calling a taxi in the inDriver app

The inDriver app allows you to:

  • call a taxi to move around the city
  • call a taxi on a motorcycle
  • call a taxi to travel to another city
  • hire a courier to deliver things

The difference between the inDriver application is that it assumes a cash payment with the driver after the trip, that is, you do not need to add any bank cards to the application.

Open the application, enter the start and end points of the route.

You will see a suggested price that you can change. This is the price you offer drivers for a trip. In my opinion, the recommended price is somewhat underestimated – at least for the recommended price it is difficult to find those who want to go.

In any case, you can set any amount and if there are no people willing to drive you, then you can increase the offered fee right at the time of calling a taxi. Taxi drivers also offer their own fare for the trip – you can choose the one that suits you.

I had to drive a couple of kilometers in Bangkok, the application indicated 58 baht as the recommended price – no one wanted to take me for this money. When I raised the cost of the trip to 100 baht, I immediately received two offers to bring me for 119 baht. I chose one of these cars. In practice, everything was quite simple and took a little time, although I used this application for the first time in my life.

When you have chosen a car, you can follow the map as it approaches you.


On the map, point A represents your current location, and point B represents your destination.

The driver sees your phone number and can call to agree on the details.

In my case, the color and model of the arrived car, as well as its state registration number, differed from the one indicated in the program. This caused some hesitation on my part when boarding the car. The driver somehow explained the reason for this, but I did not understand him. That is, such a situation is quite possible – be prepared for it.

If you change the city of your stay, it will also need to be changed in the application.

In addition to calls between the driver and the passenger, there is a chat – although I do not think that chatting with the person behind the wheel is a good idea.

Calling a taxi in the Grab app

Grab is a multi-faceted service, primarily known for its courier service, delivery of various items and food.

At a cursory acquaintance, it seemed to me that in Grab, taxi prices are twice as high as in inDriver. Perhaps this is not a completely correct observation.

To get a taxi call, click “Transport”.

You can order a taxi:

  • Now – for the car to pick you up right now
  • Later – on a specific date and time

To select your destination and your location, click “Where to?”.

You can choose your destination in three ways:

  1. Start typing the name in “Where to?” and select the desired location from the matched options
  2. Choose from saved places
  3. Specify a place on the map (button at the bottom “Choose from Map”)

After selecting your destination, confirm your location on the map and click the “Confirm Pick-Up” button.

You will be shown the GrabCar price. From my experience, I can say that this price is not the lowest, but not the most expensive either. However, you can click “View All” to view all options.

The cheapest option is JustGrab – it means the nearest taxis and cars.

If you are a girl and you are worried about driving with a stranger, then pay attention to the “GrabCar for Ladies” option – with a female driver for women. By the way, this is the cheapest option (among cars).

You can also choose a taxi on a motorcycle, a taxi van for transporting 5-10 people and other options.

Calling a taxi on the Bolt app

Bolt is another handy app that you can use to call a taxi or a motorbike taxi. Payment is made in cash.

Enter the destination (the starting point from which you need to be picked up can also be set manually).

Select the options for the car or motorcycle you want to ride.

With Bolt you can call a taxi in Bangkok, Pattaya and other cities in Thailand.

A feature of Bolt is the low cost of travel.


With the inDriverGrab and Bolt applications, it has become more convenient to call a taxi.

Already at the stage of calling a taxi, you can agree on the cost of the trip.

You can choose the option with the lowest cost.

With a prearranged itinerary and an agreed price, you can avoid scammers who drive around in circles to justify the high cost of the trip.

Applications make it possible to order a taxi from anywhere, and not just from the side of the road where taxis run.

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