Which store in Hua Hin has the lowest price for Honda motorcycles

Motorcycle manufacturer Honda sets recommended prices for each motorcycle model, but stores are not required to follow it. That is, depending on the store, the price of a motorcycle can correspond to the recommended price, be higher than the recommended one, and even be slightly lower than the recommended price.

When buying a motorcycle, you must pay road tax for the next year, this payment may or may not already be included in the price of the motorcycle. That is, when buying a motorcycle, the buyer will need to pay the price indicated on the price tag, as well as an additional amount announced separately.

Hua Hin is a relatively small town with only a few motorcycle shops.

I found the cheapest store where the price of Honda motorcycles corresponds to the recommended price of the manufacturer, and the road tax and other obligatory payments are already included in the price, that is, apart from the cost of the motorcycle, you do not need to pay anything extra.

Moreover, gifts are already included in the price: helmet, jacket, bag, injury insurance for the first year for anyone who rides this motorcycle.

The store is called ป.ออโต้เซลส์ สาขาหัวหิน

Location on the map:

Shop open Monday to Saturday: 8AM–5:30PM

Sunday: day off.

If you are a foreigner, then in order to purchase a motorcycle, you must first obtain a Certificate of Residence.

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One observation on “Which store in Hua Hin has the lowest price for Honda motorcycles
  1. James

    Do you know the Export procedure for a non resident in Thailand. 


    I wish to purchase 2 x Honda CT 125 bikes and Export them back to the UK .


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