Where in Pattaya you can watch a movie in English

If you are a fan of watching movies in cinemas and you live in Thailand, then congratulations – in Thailand they show world premieres of cinema in the original voice acting, that is, in English.

To be more precise, Thai cinemas show films with two types of voice acting:

  • in English with Thai subtitles
  • movies dubbed in Thai

In Thailand, you can watch all the world's latest Western films.

Thai cinemas also show Thai films that were created in Thailand, but most of the attention is still paid to foreign (for Thais) films.

In Thailand, all two major movie theater companies are:

  • SFX Cinema
  • Major Cineplex

Cinemas in Thailand meet all the highest expectations and meet international standards. Thai cinemas are huge areas in shopping centers, usually occupying a significant part of the top floor. There are several cinema halls in cinemas that show films in English and Thai.

In the lobby of cinemas you will find huge touch panels for choosing a movie show, seat and buying a ticket. There you will also find comfortable waiting areas and a large shop with popcorn and other typical cinema snacks.

All cinemas in Thailand are of a very high standard. On the websites of cinemas, you can find out the showtime of the movie you are interested in.

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1. SFX Cinema Central Festival Pattaya Beach

The cinema is located on the sixth floor of the Central Festival shopping center.

This is a popular place among foreigners. If you have already gone to the cinema in Pattaya, then most likely you have gone to SFX Cinema Central Festival Pattaya Beach.

Official site: http://www.sfcinemacity.com/

Phone: +6633003555

2. Major Cineplex The Avenue Pattaya

Official website: www.majorcineplex.com

Phone: +6638052227

The Avenue Pattaya is a mall on Second Road (Pattaya Saisong Rd), close to Central Festival.

3. SF Cinema Terminal 21 Pattaya

Terminal 21 is a relatively new mall.

The cinema is located on the third and fourth floors, that is, on San Francisco street and Hollywood street.

Cinema opening hours:

  • Monday – Thursday: from 11:00 to 21:00.
  • Friday – Sunday and holidays: from 11.00 to 22.00

Official website: https://www.terminal21.co.th/pattaya/sf-cinema-9/

Phone: +66618249826

4. SF Cinema Central Marina Pattaya

Cinema in Central Marina Pattaya.

At the time of this writing, it is closed for renovation.

Official website: www.sfcinemacity.com

Phone: +6638488700

Map of Cinemas with films in English in Pattaya

Cinemas with films in English in Pattaya:

The map contains all the cinemas in Pattaya, which show films in the original English dubbing.

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