What does yellow watermelon taste like? How to tell yellow watermelons from red ones

What does yellow watermelon taste like?

Some time ago, an unfortunate incident happened to me: in the fruit market, I chose the largest and most ripe watermelon for myself. And when we came home and cut it open, it turned out that its flesh was yellow.

It tastes yellow, even very ripe, watermelons are not very sweet. Most of all, yellow watermelons resemble a soft, almost tasteless vegetable. Like boiled carrots, only more watery.

In short, red watermelons taste better. Obviously, I am not alone in my assessment, since in most places where watermelons are sold, these are red watermelons. This applies to both street hawkers and large stores.

Of course, I finished the watermelon, but I decided next time I would take the purchase of watermelons more responsibly. Although, in fact, I have long wanted to try yellow watermelon. Here, a dream come true. Tried it – didn't like it.

How to tell yellow watermelons from red ones

Everything is quite simple if the watermelon is cut – it is either red or yellow. Uncut, it's a “Schrodinger's watermelon” in superposition: either red or yellow.

This problem seems to be popular, which is why every watermelon in malls and stores like 7-Eleven (which now also sells fruits, vegetables, and herbs) is marked with a corresponding sticker with a red or yellow watermelon.

For example, this is a yellow watermelon:

And this is also a yellow watermelon:

And this is a red watermelon:

And another example of a red watermelon:

And these are the red watermelons at 7-Eleven:

Yellow watermelons have a lighter skin

Of course, I'm not blind, and the time I bought a yellow watermelon from the market, none of them had stickers on them. And the saleswoman for some reason did not consider it necessary to report the color of the watermelon.

So, even without stickers, you can identify a yellow watermelon. Their skin is much lighter.

Red watermelons are usually dark green or striped with dark green and green stripes, with the dark green stripes being wider or the same width as the light green ones. This makes the watermelon look darker overall.

Yellow watermelons typically have white or light yellow stripes. Or the stripes are also light green and dark green, but the light green stripes are wider than the dark green ones. Because of this, watermelons look much lighter.

There are yellow watermelons in the center of the frame, and red ones on the sides:

In this photo above the cut watermelons you can see the whole ones. The first four watermelons are yellow and the last two are red.

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