Helmet with clear visor and retractable sunglasses

What is the best helmet, with a transparent or darkened visor?

The visor (shield) of the helmet can be darkened or transparent. A tinted visor will make driving more comfortable during the day, but at night (and also in very cloudy weather) you will have to drive with the visor open and, accordingly, slow down, because the oncoming air flow will water your eyes.

The clear visor can be kept closed even when riding at night, but in bright sunshine you'll want to add sunglasses.

In this photo, the helmet has a darkened visor, note that half of the palm inside the helmet is noticeably darker.

This is a helmet with a transparent visor, please note that half of the palm in the helmet is not darker than the outer part.

Having traveled tens of thousands of kilometers on a motorcycle on the roads of Thailand, I can recommend a helmet with a transparent visor. A helmet with a darkened visor makes it very difficult to drive at night with a closed visor. That is, it is difficult to drive at night at high speed.

If you don't need to drive at high speeds at night, then a helmet with a tinted visor is quite comfortable, although not as versatile. To move at night, you will need to open the visor.

All of the above applies to the motorcycle rider. As for the passenger, I would definitely recommend a helmet with a darkened visor so that the eyes do not get tired from the bright sun.

Helmet with clear visor and retractable sunglasses

The clear visor model with retractable goggles is my new helmet, and I'm extremely happy with it.

With the clear visor, I can now ride my motorcycle at high speeds and at night. With a clear visor, you can see just as well at night as with an open visor.

There are also sunglasses built into the helmet. They are extended and retracted by a lever on the helmet, literally in a split second.

The following photo was taken so you can see how dark the glasses are.

For my personal taste, the glasses are overly tinted. I use them only in very bright sun: in Thailand it is not uncommon when you feel how your eyeballs heat up from direct sunlight. In my opinion, these glasses have a variable shading effect, since the shading effect is more pronounced in very bright sun.

When using the glasses built into the helmet, in a very bright sun, the visibility becomes not only darker, but for me personally, the sense of distance and depth is lost – it becomes difficult for me to determine the distance to objects. I don't experience this with regular sunglasses. Moreover, even these sunglasses built into the helmet do not darken so much in not very bright light, and it is more comfortable to use them in medium light than in very bright light – such a paradox.

This model is called the Index Astro.

The cost of this helmet in Big C Extra (in Pattaya) is 1235 baht. Online you can buy this helmet a little cheaper. In addition, more colors are available online than are usually available in the store. But I would still recommend trying this helmet out before buying to see how well it sits on your head.

Should I buy Index Astro

When buying any helmet, be guided by how comfortable it sits on your head. If the Index Astro suits you according to this criterion, then I recommend it.

The main advantages of the Index Astro helmet:

  • clear visor
  • built-in glasses
  • sits very comfortably on the head

Additional conveniences of Index Astro:

  • six vents that are easy to close and open
  • the inner lining of the helmet is completely removable and washable

  • chin strap lock equipped with a quick release mechanism
  • visor can be replaced without the use of additional tools

Models of helmets with retractable sunglasses

The Index Astro isn't the only helmet with retractable sunglasses. I know about a few more helmets with built-in sunglasses, if you know other models, then write about them in the comments.

Open face helmets with integrated sunglasses:

  • Index Titan 8 i-Shield (have inner black glasses with UV filter)

  • Index Tesla (inner sunglasses with 50% UV protection). Note: This helmet has a detachable chin piece. Apparently, therefore, this helmet is classified by the manufacturer as Open face, although looking at the following photo, I would classify this helmet as Full face.

Full face helmets with integrated sunglasses:

  • Index 811 i-Shield

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