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There are many who will tell you that Pattaya is not a beach resort, just a resort that happens to be on the sea. While agreeing that the main Pattaya beach, beach road, is fairly disappointing for a tropical beach and is home to some notorious Jet Ski scammers and although improving the sea water can still be pretty dirty and can at times be a health hazard.

So for the good news there are nice clean beaches at either end of the resort, namely Jomtien at the southern end of the resort and Wongomat at the northern end.

After complaints that beach chair vendors are taking up too much of the beaches in Pattaya and Jomtien. City Hall are testing having these beaches clear of chairs and umbrellas on Wednesdays which so far is proving popular and beaches are being well used on these days !

Also you can catch a ferry from Bali Hai pier at the southern end of Walking Street to Koh Larn, also called coral island for the bargain price of 30bt per person each way where you will find some lovely clean beaches. At these beaches you can get food and drink without leaving your recliner and all of good quality and reasonably priced. Many would recommend avoiding the buckets of prawns and stick to freshly cooked dishes?

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At the pier the ferry on the left goes to Nubon Port where you will have to take a tuk-tuk or motorbike taxi to explore the island or go to your favorite beach. This is the best option if you want to avoid transferring to small boats and wading ashore. The ferry on the right takes you to Tawaen beach which is very nice but can get crowded .

You can also charter a speed boat off any of the Pattaya beaches to take you and your party to Koh Larn or one off the other two islands in the group. This will cost about 2500bt depending on time of year and your negotiating skills.

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