How to protect your hands from tanning

First of all, this is a problem for motorcyclists – hands from the palms to just above the elbows tan and darken to a greater extent than the rest of the body. It doesn't turn out very pretty. And it seems that there are no special options, because due to the constant heat, a short-sleeved T-shirt seems to be the best clothing, and there is nowhere for a motorcyclist to escape from the scorching sun.

Thailand is hot and most of the body surface can be exposed. The rest is usually covered with a T-shirt and shorts. Therefore, I try to bring my body into a good appearance. In general, this works, but I noticed that the appearance is spoiled by an uneven tan. In this short note, I have collected ways that can be allowed to get rid of uneven tanning of the torso and limbs.

0. Do not pay attention, leave everything as it is

If you came to Thailand for a short time, then you can simply do nothing with a tan – upon returning to your country, the skin color will even out within a few weeks.

1. Get a full tan

This is a rather cardinal option – to even out the tan color on the torso and the tan color on the arms.

This method is suitable for tourists who like a thick dark tan.

I don't like sunbathing and I prefer having a fair skin tone, so let's look at a few more ways.

2. Wear a long sleeve shirt

Yes, it is hot in Thailand even in a T-shirt and even without a T-shirt. Therefore, the idea of wearing something warmer seems absurd. But this idea is absurd only for us. Thais may wear shirts and even light jackets to protect themselves from the sun. And they don't sweat underneath! Unfortunately, this does not work for us: the average tourist sweats in Thailand even in the lightest clothes.

But the option is actually quite good, especially if you suffer from sunburn while driving a motorbike. When riding a motorcycle, you will be blown by the wind, so you will not be so hot.

If your arms get burned while playing sports, you can buy long-sleeved clothes in sports shops that are specifically designed for sports.

These clothes do not hinder movement, and also allow your skin to “breathe”.

Please note that some clothing brands pay special attention to UV protection and put this information on labels.

3. Sun cream

In Thailand, an abundance of all kinds of sun protection and skin whitening products. For example, the product shown in the picture is called Body Whitening Lotion.

This cream protects well from sunlight, but you don’t need to expect miracles – if your hands are already tanned, then without more cardinal means (long-sleeved shirts) they will no longer brighten.

But at the very least, sunscreen will help keep your uneven tan from getting worse.

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