Where is the motocross track near Pattaya. Rent motocross bikes, ATV, Quad, Buggy in Pattaya

For myself, I divide auto and motorcycle sports lovers into 2 rather different groups:

  • speed lovers
  • off-road lovers

I consider myself a fan of speed: the accelerator to the max, controlled skidding in corners, maximum focus and reaction to events and situations that can change several times in 1 second – that's it.

Well, someone likes to knead the dirt. This post is dedicated to them.

Motocross and motocross bikes

Motocross, Motorcycle cross – one of the types of motorcycle sports (motorcycling), is a race on special sports motorcycles, held on rough terrain along a closed track with natural (in the form of steep ascents, descents, turns, ditches, sand, etc.) and artificial (tables, springboards, track bridges) obstacles.

Sometimes the English name “motocross” is shortened to “MotoX” or “MX”.

Typical motocross bike:

Please note that everything “superfluous” has been removed from it: rear-view mirrors, headlight, brake and turn signals, passenger footrests, and so on. A motocross motorcycle can be recognized first of all by its characteristic tires (cross tires), powerful engine, reinforced shock absorbers, and an upward-facing exhaust pipe.

Such a motorcycle, by the way, is recognized as sports equipment. And since it does not comply with safety rules, the movement on it on public roads is prohibited.

Although on the roads I met cross-country motorcycles with rear-view mirrors, headlights, brake lights, turning lights and more.

Apparently, these things are removable for them (or special universal models).

Off-road trails near Pattaya

Off-road trails in Thailand can be divided into 2 groups:

  • free. Anyone can come and train there. But the quality of the route can change over time – it depends on the owner of the land.
  • trails to ride on which you can rent motocross bikes, ATVs, Quads and Buggys (off-road vehicles)

Free motocross tracks

Mabprachan Motocross Track

This is an operating track, located about 7 km from Pattaya.

Top view of the track.

Motorcyclist training on Mabprachan Motocross Track:

More lively training in the same place:

MaMo motocross

View of the track from above.

Video from this track.

Pattaya Dirt Land

View of the track from above:

Recently, this track does not get the attention of the owner.

Video from this track.

Motocross Track Khao Mai Kaew

View of the track from above.

Video from this track.

Rent of motocross motorcycles, ATV, Quad, Buggy

Off Road Track

Website: https://www.pattayaoffroadsafari.com/

Here you can rent various vehicles for off-road driving and, if you wish, take appropriate trainings.


Website: https://www.enduro-madness.com/

Here you can rent various vehicles for off-road driving and, if you wish, take appropriate trainings.

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