Where to go if you get sick in Thailand: a pharmacy as an alternative to hospitals

In Thailand, pharmacies are not only places where you can buy medicines. Pharmacy workers are often highly skilled and can diagnose based on symptoms and prescribe medication immediately.

It is a common practice in Thailand when you come to a pharmacy not only to buy a certain medicine, but also to describe your problem and get a specific treatment right away.

In my experience, pharmacy workers are trained enough to help in cases of poisoning, skin diseases, and even infections. Of course, in difficult cases, when it is necessary to take tests to understand the cause of the problem, as well as in case of injuries, you need to go to the hospital.

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For all the years of my life in Thailand, every time I or people close to me went to the pharmacy, we received a treatment that solved our problems.

If you don't speak English or the pharmacist doesn't understand English, then use Google.Translator or ask a Thai friend to help you explain the symptoms.

It is noteworthy that the diagnosis is free. You only pay for the medicine you buy.

To be honest, based on my experience, in not very difficult cases, I trust pharmacies more than hospitals.

The pharmacist explains exactly how to take the medicine.

Medicines are packaged in a small bag, which also describes when exactly to take the medicine:

  • Take … Tab / Cap – exactly how many tablets / capsules to take at a time.
  • Daily … Time(s) — exactly how many times a day

When exactly to take medication:

  • Before meal(s)
  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • After meal(s)
  • Dinner
  • Bedtime
  • Every … Hours
  • When — for example, pain, feeling unwell, etc.

Other prescriptions:

  • Take 30 minute(s) before meal
  • Immediately after meal(s)
  • Take the medicine until finished – take the medicine until it runs out
  • May cause drowsiness – that is, you can not drive vehicles and work with dangerous mechanisms after taking the drug
  • Do not drink alcohol while taking medicines
  • Do not take medicine with milk

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Of course, if you could not get help at the pharmacy, or if you did not feel better after taking the medicine, then be sure to contact the hospital.

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