Nice hotel on Ko Chang island with beach access and sea view

In Thailand, most cities and islands do not require you to choose an expensive hotel for easy access to the sea. For example, in Pattaya, Hua Hin, Ko Lan, and many other places, you can settle in any area of the city, and when you want to go to the beach, you can just walk or drive to the sea and enjoy your vacation on the beach.

The island of Ko Chang (a large island in the province of Trat, not far from Cambodia) is an exception in this regard.

I spent several days on Ko Chang, actively explored it and passed the island on my motorcycle many times. But if I had not booked a hotel on the beach, I would hardly have visited the beach!

By the way, I am preparing a very large material on the island of Ko Chang with recommendations for tourists and with many picturesque photos – do not forget to visit the site pattaya-pages.com!

Features of Ko Chang Island

The island of Ko Chang is large, about 30 km long. Compare with the island of Ko Lan, which is less than 5 km long and can be easily walked from end to end.

The roads in Ko Chang require your maximum driving skills – some places are very difficult. The roads are not well suited for walking, at least for long distances.

There are tuk-tuks (songthaews / baht buses) on Ko Chang, but they mostly work like taxis. For all the time I have never seen public transport on this island.

And, most importantly, most (or even all) beaches are blocked by hotels. Yes, theoretically you can walk through the territory of the hotels and relax on the beach. But it is comfortable not for everyone. Add to this the need to get to the hotel where you can go to the beach, which without your own transport seems unrealistic to me.

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The Ko Chang experience will depend on the hotel you choose

If you are already familiar with my Thailand travel notes, then you may have noticed that I do not pay much attention to hotels and almost never recommend any specific hotels. First of all, because I believe that each of you will independently choose suitable housing in accordance with your finances.

But Ko Chang is an exception. I highly recommend choosing a good hotel. And if you want a comfortable beach holiday, be sure to choose a hotel with direct access to the beach.

Review of Koh Chang Cliff Beach Resort

I stayed at the Koh Chang Cliff Beach Resort and the hotel, or rather my room (there are very different rooms), I liked it.

Official website of the hotel: https://www.kccbresort.com/

Room categories Koh Chang Cliff Beach Resort:

  • #1 Budget Garden View
  • #2 Superior Ocean View
  • #3 Superior Garden View
  • #4 CoCo Cabana
  • #5 Deluxe Ocean View
  • #6 Deluxe Private Pool
  • #7 Deluxe Suite Ocean View
  • #8 Two Bedrooms Beach Villa

Everything below generally refers to the “Deluxe Suite Ocean View” unless otherwise noted.

Deluxe Suite Ocean View at Koh Chang Cliff Beach Resort

I stayed in the Deluxe Suite Ocean View. On some booking sites, this category is called “Deluxe Double Suite (Double Bed) (Sea View)”.

This is a detached house with a sea view and a room of 50 m2.

There is also a veranda with two sun loungers, also overlooking the sea. The house is isolated from other buildings, that is, it does not have common walls with neighbors. Therefore, in the house you can make noise without worrying to disturb someone.

This is the most expensive option.

The bathroom has a bathtub and a window overlooking the sea and… neighbors.

The room is great. Everything is clean and in working order.

Video Deluxe Suite Ocean View at Koh Chang Cliff Beach Resort.

The bed in the room is large and comfortable. Lots of pillows.

The air conditioning is powerful, but in the hottest time it can not cope with such a large room. The day was hot. But at night everything is fine.

They cleaned the house and changed bed linen and towels every day. But sometimes they forgot to replenish coffee and water.

There is a private veranda with two sunbeds, a table and a great view of the sea.

Sea view from Koh Chang Cliff Beach Resort (Deluxe Suite Ocean View)

From all the windows you can see the sea!

If this was my workplace, then I would just die of happiness.

Sitting at a table with such a view of the sea, you want to write a will, because you feel that you have really achieved something in life. I would like to take a thick paper book and read. Or start writing something grandiose and great.

I have long dreamed of living in a house near the sea – and finally my dream came true.

The house is located on a hill, so the view is even more impressive.

A large tree grows in front of the house – many mention it in the reviews. Yes, I would remove this tree, because it obscures part of the view. But even despite the tree, the sea, the beach, and the islands opposite are perfectly visible.

The view from the window of Koh Chang Cliff Beach Resort is the best “viewpoint” I have found on Ko Chang.

View of the neighboring island from the window of the room.

View of the beach from the window.

The beach of Koh Chang Cliff Beach Resort

You can enjoy the beach regardless of the room you choose. That is, if the Deluxe Suite Ocean View is expensive for you, but you want a good beach, sunbeds, kayaks and other water activities, then Koh Chang Cliff Beach Resort will suit you. Just choose a cheaper room.

There are sun loungers on the beach. You can also use towels.

The sand is good. Great place for swimming.

Beach at night.

There is an announcement about a Fire Show in the evening, but I didn't see it.

The beach is quite long, and you can walk along it far outside the hotel.

Breakfast at Koh Chang Cliff Beach Resort

If breakfast is already included in the room rate, then it's good. If breakfast is offered to be bought separately, especially for 300 baht, then for this money I would recommend that you have breakfast elsewhere.

Breakfast is generally good and very varied. Buffet. There are several types of pasta and rice dishes to choose from, sausages and ham (in my opinion, they are vegetarian or, at best, chicken), toast with butter and jam, hot and cold drinks in assortment, different types of omelets and scrambled eggs, fruits, other food.

As you can see from the list, breakfast is pretty good.

That's why I say that if breakfast is included in the price of the room (as it was in my case), then it's not bad. But it is not good enough for 300 baht.

Way to Deluxe Suite Ocean View

The Deluxe Suite Ocean View is located on a hill. A staircase and a path lead to it. If you have your own transport (the ferry to Ko Chang carries transport, for example, I arrived there on my motorcycle), then you have nothing to worry about. There is parking on the hill, and you can drive there by road.

The hotel also has a car that brings guests. We were picked up during check-in. I don't know if this car can be called at other times as we used a motorbike. You can check this with the hotel staff.

Climbing stairs after breakfast is a little tiring – although it's good for burining calories from meals.

Map of Koh Chang Cliff Beach Resort.

Water activities and sports at Koh Chang Cliff Beach Resort

This section is applicable to all hotel guests, regardless of the room chosen.

Kayaks and snorkeling equipment are available. Not for free! For example, renting a kayak costs 100 baht per hour.

Please note that kayaks can be dropped off at another station by the sea. This is relevant, because sometimes the waves are restless and it is very difficult to go back. But at the same time, you will need to somehow get back to the hotel.

Free shuttle bus from Koh Chang Cliff Beach Resort

There is a shuttle bus that leaves at 10.15 and 15.15 to White Sand Beach.

Sunset view from Koh Chang Cliff Beach Resort (Deluxe Suite Ocean View)

This is a time lapse video of the sunset taken from the veranda.

Koh Chang Cliff Beach Resort experience (Deluxe Suite Ocean View)

I really liked this hotel. At least my house was chic.

Even if you do not want to stay at Koh Chang Cliff Beach Resort, then I would recommend that you choose a hotel with beach access – for the reasons described at the beginning of the article.

You can book Koh Chang Cliff Beach Resort through this link.

You can also choose any other hotel on Ko Chang Island that suits you using the following form:

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