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How to get a certificate to renew a Thai driver’s license

Certificate of completion of e-learning on the site dlt-elearning.com

To exchange expired driver’s license, you need to go through a short online training. In fact, everything is quite simple – you need to watch the training video and pass a small test.

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How to get a driver’s license in Thailand (Pattaya) without passing exams

If you have an international driver's license, then you can use it to drive a car or motorcycle – Thailand accepts an international driver's license.

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How to renew an expired driver’s license in Thailand (Pattaya)

Shortly before the expiration of the Thai driver's license, as well as after the expiration date, the driver's license can be changed (renewed) without taking tests.

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Where in Pattaya to get and renew a driver’s license

In Land transportation department of Banglamung (also called Department of Land Transport or DLT for short) you can take car and motorcycle driving license exam, renew expired driving license, get Thai driving license based on your international driving license.

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Where in Pattaya to get a medical certificate for a driver’s license

A medical certificate for a driver's license can be obtained at almost any clinic, except for highly specialized ones (for example, except for skin care clinics, dentists, wellness massage, and others).

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How to renew an expired Thai driver’s license

Obtaining a new Thai driving license is usually straightforward. This instruction is based on the replacement of a 6 months expired Thai car temporary driver's license. Changing a driver's license in Pattaya, Bangkok or other cities in Thailand is similar.

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