How to get a stamp to extend your stay in Pattaya for 1 month

Tourist visa and visa on arrival extension in Pattaya

During 2020-2021 and the beginning of 2022 in Thailand, any foreigner could receive a stamp to extend their stay for the next 2 months every 2 months. Starting in March 2022, conflicting information began to appear that these stamps were cancelled. I don't know at the time you are reading this if it is possible to get an extension of stay in Thailand due to COVID-19 (COVID stamps), but as of this writing in April 2022, I have received such a stamp for 1 month.

To obtain a stamp, you need to fill out several documents. Perhaps these documents can be found online and printed out yourself, but when the documents are issued in the Immigration police, the date and time when you need to come next time are put on them. That is, you need to start by going to the information window in the office of the Immigration Police. If there is a queue in front of it, then they close the main entrance and let visitors in in doses through the left door – stand in this queue.

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How to get a stamp to extend your stay in Pattaya for 1 month

In the information window, explain that you need to renew your visa (or stamp – which is also a visa on arrival).

In the information window, you will be given forms to fill out. An appointment date will also be set. If your stay in Thailand expires on the day of application, then you can fill out the documents and get an extension on the same day. I came in advance and in my case the period of stay expired in a few days – it was on the date of the last day that I was assigned a second visit.

On the appointed day and time, I again arrived at the Immigration Office. This time there is no need to take the general queue. There are chairs on the right side in front of the entrance to the Immigration Police – you need to sit on them and wait for a volunteer to come up, check your documents and give you a ticket in electronic queue.

Then just wait for the call in the electronic queue.

Required documents for visa extension:

Please note that they were not interested in my apartment rental contract and apparently it CANNOT replace the TM.30 form! Get ready for it!

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