From July 1, 2022, the mandatory wearing of masks will be canceled in Thailand

The official decision of the authorities of the Kingdom of Thailand has canceled the mandatory wearing of masks from July 2022.

Until that time, wearing masks was mandatory on the streets, in shops, hotels, even on beaches.

The strictest rule for wearing masks was observed in Bangkok, where in almost all places it was required to wear a mask, and you could be reprimanded if you were without it.

In cities like Pattaya and Hua Hin, wearing masks was no longer so strict.

In shops in Pattaya, you will also be asked to wear a mask, even if you are a foreigner. But on the streets, wearing masks was no longer so strict. Wearing masks on the streets before the abolition of their mandatory wearing was rather voluntary – the police did not make comments and did not ask to wear masks.

Nevertheless, on the central streets of Pattaya, most people still wore masks.

There are many people without masks on the Jomtien waterfront.

The staff of shops, hotels, condominiums, service industries, government agencies always wore masks.

Let me remind you that until 2022, wearing masks was mandatory and those who were not wearing masks were threatened with a fine.

Knowing the specifics of Thailand, most likely, despite the abolition of the mandatory wearing of masks, staff in stores and other service sectors will continue to wear masks, as their managers may require.

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