Where in Pattaya to refuel a motorcycle and a car

In Pattaya, there are no gas stations on the streets of the city. The sellers of bottled gasoline also disappeared.

In some places you can stumble upon filling machines, but they are very rare and in disrepair.

So where to fill up a motorcycle or car in Pattaya?

Everything is quite simple – there are many gas stations, but they are located along the highways. In the case of Pattaya, gas stations should be sought along the Sukhumvit Highway.

You need to get onto the Sukhumvit road and continue driving – you will start to come across gas stations.

Usually at Thai gas stations there stuff who refuel cars and motorcycles.

Near Pattaya, stuff understand English quite well.

You can fill up a car and a motorcycle for a certain amount, for a certain number of liters of gasoline, or up to a full tank.

If you pay in cash, then it is enough to give the money to the stuff – you do not need to go anywhere to pay.

Even when paying with a bank card, you can transfer the card to stuff who will make the payment for you – that is, the car can be refueled without leaving the car.

Typically, a Thai gas station is a whole complex, which includes a gas station, shops, cafes, ATMs, and a car wash. At gas stations, you can pump up tires.

A feature of shops at Thai gas stations is that alcohol is never sold there.

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