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My wife somehow managed to get three days off in a row (usually she has one day off a week) and we decided not to waste time and carry out our long-planned trip to Bangkok.

Bangkok is very close to Pattaya, an hour and a half by minivan (tickets cost 150-200 baht) and now we are in the capital of Thailand.

In fact, we can go to Bangkok even every weekend – leave early in the morning and return in the evening. But I just wanted to live there at least for a little while. Visit my favorite restaurants, drink excellent draft beer, spend the day and meet the morning in Bangkok.

The last bus from Pattaya to Bangkok leaves at 5 pm – this is when I pick up my wife from work, so we decided to leave early the next morning and spend 2 nights in Bangkok before returning home at the end of the third day.

In Bangkok, I visited viewpoints in two skyscrapers, one of which is the tallest in Bangkok. This is the most amazing and best part of the trip.

I also visited two contemporary art exhibitions. So to speak, I decided to go back to the roots: probably none of you know, but I started my blogging by going to contemporary art exhibitions in Moscow and writing my impressions with photographs from there. And even then no one read me))))

And I also visited the Khaosan road area. For some reason, this area is popular with tourists and they talk a lot about it. I have always lived in the Sukhumvit Rd area – a business area filled with huge shopping centers. Well, I walked along Khaosan road and sat in its restaurants. This place reminded me of Pattaya – restaurants, bars, excursions. I really felt the vibe of this place after sunset. In the evening this place is transformed, there are a lot of people on the street. And next to Khaosan road is the historical center of the city, the famous Royal Palace, which attracts crowds of tourists from buses and many other architectural attractions.

This is probably how a tourist area should be, but I prefer Sukhumvit Rd, which I returned to with pleasure.

In general, a lot of places were visited, a lot of food was eaten, a lot of beer was drunk, and a lot of photographs were taken.

What's next

I will write a few notes about the most interesting places visited. In my opinion, it turned out quite spectacular.

While in Bangkok, I had a lot of ideas about what other places to visit in this metropolis. That's why we plan to return here. It's all about finances, by and large. In three days of my trip to Bangkok, I spent half of what I spent during the entire three-week trip to the north of Thailand… But it was worth it. Lots of bright emotions and fresh impressions.

A big city gives motivation and fuels energy.

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