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Your package cannot be delivered due to non-payment of customs duty – fraudulent letters in Thailand

Email Fraud in Thailand

We all often order something online and receive our packages. We are waiting for the delivery of the previous order, and we are already choosing and buying new products.

Orders usually arrive on time, but what if we've been notified of a sudden problem preventing (more…)

Where to buy electronics in Pattaya and Thailand: online and offline stores

Stores of computer and other electrical goods in Pattaya and Thailand

In Thailand, online trading is very developed for absolutely everything. This is facilitated by an amazingly organized mail service. If the purchased product is located in Thailand, then you will receive it very quickly, (more…)

What to do if electricity is cut off for non-payment in Pattaya

In utility bills, most of the costs are for electricity bills. Electricity in households can be used around the clock to run one or more air conditioners, as Thailand is summer all year round and hot all year round. Also, electric stoves are very popular in Thailand, which consume a lot of energy.

The (more…)

How to pay your electricity bill in Thailand

How and what to use the bonuses of mobile operators in Thailand (dtac and AIS)

When paying for mobile communications in Thailand, for example, dtac and AIS operators, you can see how some bonuses accumulate in mobile applications.

These bonuses are called:

  • Coins – in dtac
  • Points – in AIS

I didn't take them seriously at (more…)

How to pay your water bill in Thailand

Where to get and pay your water bill in Thailand

With long-term rental apartments, as a rule, tenants pay bills for water and electricity.

The water bill arrives at the end of the month, usually on the 25th-26th. If your condominium has mailboxes, you will find your bills in the mailbox. (more…)