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eSIM of any country for travelers

In the modern world, it is difficult to imagine our life without connecting to the Internet: work, entertainment, communication with loved ones, education, investments, hobbies, memorable photos, favorite TV shows – all this is now online.

Therefore, everyone, from a teenager to a pensioner, (more…)

How to enable international roaming in AIS

How to enable international roaming in TrueMove

How to enable international roaming in dtac

Unlimited mobile packages in Thailand

Unlimited SIM card in Thailand

There are 3 main mobile operators in Thailand (dtac, AIS and TrueMove). Each of them offers unlimited mobile Internet packages for short periods (for 1 day, 2 days, 7 days, 15 days, 1 month) and for long periods (90 days, 180 days and 1 year).

Each of (more…)

How to turn off daily “Your data balance” alerts

On its own initiative, without asking me in any way, my mobile phone began to show me the notification “Your data balance” every day.

The expanded content of the notice is as follows:

Mobile Data Plan dtac

Your data balance

View your dtac (more…)