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In the modern world, it is difficult to imagine our life without connecting to the Internet: work, entertainment, communication with loved ones, education, investments, hobbies, memorable photos, favorite TV shows – all this is now online.

Therefore, everyone, from a teenager to a pensioner, even on vacation does not want to be offline and fall out of the flow of events and life.

If you don’t prepare before the trip and let everything go by itself, then your SIM card will most likely work abroad, including data transfer service. But all this will quickly end due to the high cost of mobile Internet in roaming.

Consider options for how to prepare for the trip in advance and always stay online without overpaying too much.

1. Foreign roaming packages of your mobile operator

Currently, many cellular operators offer their customers packages that include calls and data transfer in international roaming. Specific terms depend on your carrier, so you will need to find the terms and cost yourself. To do this, type in Google search something like

international roaming packages <YOUR CELL OPERATOR NAME>

A huge advantage of this option is that you do not need to buy a SIM card abroad and change SIM cards in your phone.

The disadvantages include the fact that international roaming packages are usually more expensive than if you buy a local SIM card abroad.

2. Buying a SIM card abroad

The conditions for buying SIM cards and the cost of mobile Internet differ in different countries, so this item depends on where you are going.

Usually, buying a foreign SIM card requires a passport and takes some time to process.

After the balance or prepaid package expires, you will need to find a way to top up your mobile phone balance abroad.

You will also have to remove your SIM card and replace it with a foreign one.

The advantage of this option is that it can be the cheapest. Approximately the cost of your home Internet. But, not in every country it is easy for a foreigner to buy a SIM card. Therefore, sometimes this option is not suitable.

3. Buy eSIM online

This is the most advanced way.

Modern phones, in addition to supporting physical 1 or 2 SIM cards, can support eSIMs, which work like regular SIM cards, but they do not need to be inserted into the phone slot, they are installed programmatically.

For example, on the site https://www.airalo.com you can buy eSIM for more than 200 countries.

Benefits of this service:

  • most countries do not require documents to purchase an eSIM
  • you can buy an eSIM of the selected country online, you do not need to stand in line or look for points to connect to the local mobile network
  • a large selection of countries, more than 200
  • if the eSIM provides for topping up the balance, then you can do it directly through the airalo application in a convenient way for you, without the need to top up the balance in a foreign country

Please note that there are basically two types of plan for eSIM on airalo:

  • Data, Voice & SMS (you can use mobile Internet, make and receive calls)
  • Data (you can only use mobile Internet)

Please note that airalo primarily offers travel eSIMs which have a limited validity period. That is, if you need a full-fledged eSIM valid for an unlimited time, then airalo is unlikely to help you.

Airalo is not the cheapest option, but very convenient. You can buy an eSIM as a safety net, or as a transitional option to stay online until you get to hotel Wi-Fi or buy a foreign SIM card.

Airalo is a modern and elegant solution to stay online in any country without having to stand in line to buy a SIM card in foreign countries.

Link to the Airalo mobile app.

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