How to enable international roaming in dtac

Table of contents

1. What you need to know about working with Thai SIM cards abroad

2. How to enable international roaming for dtac

3. How to extend validity a Thai SIM card

4. How to extend dtac without topping up balance

5. dtac packages for international roaming

6. How to prevent money loss in international roaming. Setting up your phone for international roaming

If you bought a SIM card in Thailand, then you may be using it to communicate with friends, and also perhaps to receive SMS alerts about the movement of funds in a Thai bank account or for two-factor authentication on social networks and other sites.

After returning from Thailand, you will most likely want to keep the SIM card and continue using it. But an unpleasant surprise may await you – having already left Thailand abroad, you may find out that the Thai SIM card does not work in other countries!

What you need to know about working with Thai SIM cards abroad

So, let's look at how to prepare for using a Thai SIM card abroad.

The following must be remembered:

  1. By default, international roaming is disabled for Thai SIM cards.
  2. For Thai SIM cards, there is such a thing as a “validity period”. Even a SIM card with a lot of money on the balance may stop working after a while.
  3. If you are going to use a Thai SIM card for calls and Internet access, then you can pre-purchase a roaming service package and save a lot.

This article tells you how to enable international roaming for a Thai SIM card, as well as how to extend its validity.

How to enable international roaming for dtac

Open the dtac mobile app.

Click the “More” button.

Go to “Settings”.

Go to the “International roaming settings” section.

Here you will see three settings related to international roaming and international phone calls.

  • Roaming Service (IR) – enables and disables calls, SMS and data transmission in roaming. Disabling this option also disables the next option “Data Roaming”.
  • Data Roaming – separately enables and disables only data transfer in roaming. This option cannot be enabled separately from the first option, but can be disabled independently of the first.
  • International Call – Enables and disables international calls. And this option applies not only to roaming, you can also disable the ability to call abroad even if you are in Thailand.

To make your SIM card work abroad, enable the “Roaming Service (IR)” option.

You can turn off the “Data Roaming” option or leave it on. You can also set your phone not to use data roaming.

You will receive an SMS notification about the activation of the selected services.

To activate international roaming in dtac without a mobile application, dial the number:


How to extend validity a Thai SIM card

For SIM-cards in Thailand there is such a thing as “validity”. This validity period does not depend on the current balance of the phone number, but is extended each time the balance is topped up.

Moreover, if the SIM card has expired, this does not mean that the money is lost. They seem to be blocked. To activate them, you need to replenish your account.

That is, let's say you had 50 baht in your account. The SIM card has expired and has become blocked. After that, you replenished the balance by another 50 baht. As a result of this action, your SIM card will be unlocked, and there will be 100 baht on your balance.

The expiration dates of SIM cards vary for different mobile operators and may depend on the selected tariff or purchased Internet package.

For example, in dtac and AIS, the user is now given 1 year from the last recharge. Previously, only 1 month was given. Note: just in case, double-check this for your tariff! And in TrueMove, only 1 month is given.

You do not need to top up your mobile phone regularly to keep your SIM card valid. For a few baht you can buy an extension of the validity period.

How to extend dtac without topping up balance

Go to the “Beyond” tab and click the “Jaidee” button.

Scroll the “Jaidee” items to the right.

Find and click “Jaidee Day Giveaway”.

Choose the option to extend the validity of your SIM card that suits you:

  • 30 days for 3 baht
  • 90 days for 9 baht
  • 180 days for 15 baht

In this way, you can accumulate up to 365 days of validity of the SIM card.

dtac packages for international roaming

We usually take Thai SIM cards abroad to receive SMS about the movement of money in a bank account; or to save the number to use when we return to Thailand next time.

If you want to use a Thai SIM card for calls and Internet connection, then consider buying additional packages that will save you money.

Go to the “Packages” section and scroll “Explore our packages” to the right.

Find and go to “Roaming & IDD”.

Here you will see two tabs:

  • Roaming & IDD by Country – here you can select the country you are going to visit, if there are special offers for this country, they will be shown to you. Also for all countries shows packages from “GO Travel”

  • GO Travel – roaming packages applicable to all countries

Here you will see different mobile Internet packages, which differ in the number of gigabytes, as well as the validity period.

How to prevent money loss in international roaming. Setting up your phone for international roaming

You can disable mobile internet if your phone is abroad (“Data roaming”). This is a very convenient feature that does not affect the use of mobile Internet within your country. In addition, if you buy a SIM card abroad, you will still be able to use its mobile Internet, since for it the mobile networks of a foreign state will be local.

Go to “Settings”, to do this, slide the curtain down and click the gear icon.

Go to the “Connections” section.

Go to the “Mobile networks” section.

Turn off the “Data roaming” slider.

Now, when you get off the plane and turn off Airplane mode, your phone will not try to connect to the Internet abroad.

But at the same time you will receive all SMS messages and incoming calls.

If you buy a foreign SIM card, then you can use its Internet without disabling the considered function (since mobile networks will be home for a foreign SIM card).

If you purchased a SIM card for mobile data abroad and if your phone supports dual SIM, you can explicitly specify which one should be used for different communication services.

Go to Settings → Connections → SIM manager.

Here you can explicitly select which SIM card should be used for calls, SMS messages and mobile data.

How to transfer money to a bank account in Thailand from abroad

Using cryptocurrency, you can make international money transfers with minimal commissions and at the most favorable (for you) exchange rates. Thanks to the anonymity of cryptocurrencies, you can transfer money from one country to another without going through validation. See the article for details: Alternative to LocalBitcoins: instructions for using LocalCoinSwap.com

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