How to send money 💱 to Thailand 🇹🇭 (to Pattaya)

Warning: The information in this article is out of date. Currently, it is recommended to use cryptocurrency for international transfers.

Using cryptocurrency, you can make international money transfers with minimal commissions and at the most favorable (for you) exchange rates. Thanks to the anonymity of cryptocurrencies, you can transfer money from one country to another without going through validation. See the article for details: Alternative to LocalBitcoins: instructions for using LocalCoinSwap.com

How to make a money transfer to Thailand

This note will tell you how to make a money transfer to Thailand with a minimum commission and how to send cheap international money transfers.

Now you can send money abroad, including to Thailand, in a few clicks. Transfers to foreign countries have become convenient, fast, cheap and safe.

In this short note, I will look at modern ways to send money to Thailand. I use all these methods myself – some more often, some less. These methods of sending money to Thailand are cheaper and more convenient than overseas bank transfers, as well as other well-known but somewhat outdated international money transfer services.

1. PaySend

This is my favorite way to send money to another country. With the help of PaySend, you can send money not only abroad, but also within the country, but the profitability and convenience of PaySend is fully revealed precisely in international transfers.

Forget about long and tedious verifications. With PaySend, you can send money with minimal checks and a minimum, flat fee of $1.

PaySend has the largest coverage of countries from which and to which you can send a money transfer.

Official site for money transfers: https://paysend.com/. You can also use the PaySend mobile app.

Promo code (invite code) for the first international money transfer without commission: 0d8425 (valid both on the website and in the mobile application).

See also: International PaySend transfers – real customer feedback (2.5 years of experience, dozens of transactions)

Recommendation: it is recommended to send money transfers to bank details, and not to the card number, since in this case there is no PaySend commission, as well as a commission of Thai banks of 300 baht for crediting money to the card.

2. Wise

Wise (old name for TransferWise). This method is similar to PaySend. The commission is low, but not fixed.

Tip: Instead of directly comparing PaySend and Wise fees, compare the amount that will be credited to the recipient, since the services have a hidden fee included in the currency conversion rate.

Wise's country coverage is somewhat lower than PaySend's.

For the first free transfer in Wise, click this link.

See also: TransferWise overview: international transfers and multi-currency debit card

3. LocalBitcoins

For international money transfers, LocalBitcoins uses, as you might guess from the name, Bitcoins. You do not need to be able to work with cryptocurrencies or even have crypto wallets. If you want to transfer money from one country to another, then you do not need to create a Bitcoins wallet.

The algorithm of actions for international money transfers is as follows:

1. Register on LocalBitcoins. This will create a Bitcoins wallet for you inside the LocalBitcoins service.

2. Select a Bitcoin merchant in the country you want to transfer money from. Buy Bitcoins. They will be credited to your wallet inside the LocalBitcoins service.

3. Then choose the buyer of Bitcoins in the country where you want to transfer money. After the buyer of Bitcoins credits the funds to the account you specified, he will receive his Bitcoins.

Thanks to such an intermediate link as Bitcoins, this service is the widest in scope. Due to the large number of buyers and sellers of Bitcoins, you can choose the most favorable exchange rates.

See the article for details: How to use LocalBitcoins

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