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Pattaya bus stations

Badminton courts in Pattaya. Where to buy badminton equipment in Pattaya

Badminton is a dynamic and exciting game in which your success depends on reaction speed, endurance, the ability to correctly determine the location of objects in space and calculate their trajectory.

In terms of energy consumption, badminton is close to running.

Unlike running, social (more…)

Map of tuk-tuks (songthaew) in Hua Hin

Which is correct: tuk-tuk or songthaew?

Let's start with terminology. Strictly speaking, a pickup truck converted into a small regular bus is a songthaew (literally meaning “two benches” in Thai). As for the tuk-tuk, this three-wheeled vehicle, also with two benches, is common (more…)

Pattaya public transport and tuk-tuk route map

What is tuk-tuk in Thailand

Public transport is well developed in Pattaya – many cars are constantly running around the city, acting as shuttle buses. They are called tuk-tuk or songthaew. Tuk-tuk are Japanese pick-up trucks converted for passenger transportation. In front is (more…)