Moved from Honda Click 125i to Honda Click 160i – first impressions

I have already driven Honda Click 150i and Honda Click 160i motorcycles, but these were rental vehicles and at that time I was not very keen on their features. As for the Honda Click 150i, I didn’t even feel much difference compared to my Honda Click 125i – perhaps it’s all about the characteristics of specific motorcycles and their wear and tear – the “rental business” does not contribute to the “health” of vehicles.

And finally, I drive the new Honda Click 160i.

Can I feel the power of the Honda Click 160i?

After gaining experience with the Honda Click 125i and driving more than 30 thousand kilometers on all types of roads, including difficult multi-kilometer mountain serpentines, I was able to evaluate the Honda Click 160i and feel the differences.

Yes, the higher power of the Honda Click 160i is felt.

In city traffic this is less pronounced – in the city motorcycles are rarely used to their full potential.

The increase in power on hills and mountains is quite noticeable. But not in a completely different way – on steep slopes the maximum speed drops noticeably, although not as much as the Honda Click 125i.

If you do the math, it turns out that the engine capacity is 28% larger compared to the Honda Click 125i. Can you feel the 28% increase in power? No, I would not say that the power has increased by a third.

In city driving, as well as when driving on mountains, I would say that there is a 10-15% increase in power.

At speeds close to maximum (after 100 km/h), the increase in power is more noticeable – if only because at this speed the Honda Click 125i accelerates very, very weakly and against its background, even a small addition of power is very noticeable.

Fuel consumption Honda Click 160i

According to technical characteristics, fuel consumption is as follows:

  • Honda Click 125i – 53 km/L
  • Honda Click 160i – 46.7 km/L

That is, the Honda Click 160i consumes about 13% more. According to my subjective feelings, the consumption of the Honda Click 160i is even more than 13%. At least during city driving.

The Honda Click 160i has a slightly larger gas tank – 5.5 liters. On my Honda Click 125i, the gas tank capacity is 4.3 liters (although for new models it is also 5.5 liters). According to subjective feelings, I began to refuel more often.

Dimensions Honda Click 160i

My first impressions of the Honda Click 160i (which I rented a couple of years ago) were that the bike seemed taller and the same width as the Honda Click 125i.

I looked at the technical specifications and it turned out to be the opposite – the height is the same, but the width of the Honda Click 160i is slightly larger.

Perhaps my first experience was due to the fact that it was an older model.

The new model actually even visually looks a little (just a little) wider.

As for the volume of the trunk, I don’t see any difference without a ruler – just as only one helmet fit there, only that one can still fit in there and you can’t put anything else in there.

Honda Click 160i has wider wheels

The first thing that strikes you about the exterior of the Honda Click 160i is the tires.

Pay attention to the rear wheel of the Honda Click 160i – it is much wider than that of the Honda Click 125i model.

The front tire has also become wider.

This is certainly good and necessary for a more powerful motorcycle – a wide tire prevents the wheel from slipping during acceleration and also makes braking more effective due to the larger grip area.

The downside of wider tires is increased fuel consumption due to higher friction with the road.

Is the Honda Click 160i harder to drive?

No, virtually no difference compared to the Honda Click 125i. Sometimes I even forget that this is not my old motorcycle, but a different model.

Is Honda Click 160i suitable for beginners?

You can crash on anything – even a bicycle, even a scooter, even a Honda Click 125i, even a Honda Click 160i.

Subject to the speed limit, the Honda Click 160i is no more dangerous than the Honda Click 125i.

If you do not comply with traffic rules and risky driving, you can die in either one or the other.

If driven carefully, the Honda Click 160i is quite suitable for beginners.

Would I recommend the Honda Click 160i or the Honda Click 125i?

If you have money, it is better to buy a Honda Click 160i.

If money is tight, then you can get by with a Honda Click 125i.

Overall, yes, I like the Honda Click 160i a little more (by that 10-15%).

The prices for the Honda Click 160i and Honda Click 125i models are very balanced. The first one is a little more powerful, but also a little more expensive.

P.S.: My wife’s (my regular passenger) impressions turned out to be a little different

In her opinion, the Honda Click 160i is noticeably more powerful and faster and smoother. Well, I don’t know – what can she see there from the back seat?

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