How to drive a Golf Car: detailed step-by-step instructions and tips

How to drive a golf cart

A Golf Car (sometimes called a Golf Cart) is a small electric vehicle. More precisely, this device still falls short of a full-fledged car: it does not necessarily comply with the safety requirements of conventional cars, such devices are not designed for driving on public roads. Golf carts can be used to drive around golf courses (as their name implies), to move around large hotels, hospitals, national parks and zoos.

Golf carts do not develop too much speed, however, this speed is much higher than the speed of walking or even running.

In general, a golf cart is a pleasant means of transportation. To be honest, I fell in love with this vehicle)

Video I ride a golf cart:

You don’t need a driver’s license to drive a golf cart, because from the point of view of the law it is something like a cart with a motor (apparently, the equally common another name “Golf Cart” is associated with this).

Driving a golf car is easy, but you need to know what to do and how to do it.

The golf cart does not need to change gears. You just need to press the accelerator pedal and turn the steering wheel.

Instructions for driving a golf car

Golf Cart Controls:

1. Before driving, make sure that the passengers are in the car.

2. Use the button to select the direction of travel:

  1. FWD – forward
  2. REV – reverse

3. Insert the ignition key and turn it to “On” mode.

4. Slowly depress the right pedal to start moving. The parking brake will then automatically disengage.

5. Turn the steering wheel depending on the desired direction of travel.

6. Use the break pedal to slow down.

To stop:

1. Bring the golf cart to a complete stop.

2. To park, press the letter “P” on the “Break” pedal, this will apply the parking brake, which will prevent the Golf Car from rolling off the slope while parked.

3. Turn the key to the “Off” mode and be sure to take it with you.

Golf Cart Driving Tips:

  • use only your right foot to pedal. Do not use both legs at the same time!
  • you can switch between FWD and REV modes even after turning on the ignition
  • to drive backward (REV mode), first bring the golf cart to a complete stop
  • be sure to slow down when turning. A golf cart is designed primarily to facilitate walking, not racing, so if the vehicle is poorly driven, it can easily tip over on its side.
  • on wet or rough roads, do not accelerate too fast
  • keep all body parts inside the machine. Make sure passengers also keep all body parts inside

Driving reverse in a golf cart. How to drive backwards on a golf cart

If you are moving, bring the golf cart to a complete stop first.

Switch from FWD mode to REV mode.

Press the accelerator pedal to move backward.

After completing the maneuver, to move forward again, switch to FWD mode.


  • a beep when REV is turned on is normal – it should be so.
  • when driving in reverse, the car turns in the same direction that you turn the steering wheel – just like when driving forward.

Parking brake (handbrake) in a golf cart

Like any wheeled vehicle, a golf cart can roll downhill. At the same time, it can hit other vehicles or run into people. To prevent this from happening, be sure to put the handbrake on your golf cart every time you park it.

To apply the handbrake to the golf cart, press the “Break” pedal along with the letter “P”. This will cause the pedal to lock in that position.

If the slope is steep, then press the pedal and the letter “P” to the stop.

To release your golf cart from the handbrake, simply depress the accelerator pedal.

Does the golf car have turning lights. How to turn on turn signals on a golf car

Turning lights signal your intention to turn or perform another maneuver. By using the turn lights, you can let other road users know about your immediate plans to change the route.

To turn on the turning lights, move the lever located on the left side of the steering wheel (in the photo marked with the number 1), move it up (to turn on the right turning light) or down (to turn on the left turning light).

How to turn on the headlights on a golf cart

To turn on the headlights, turn the lever, which is located on the left side of the steering wheel (in the photo marked with the number 2), turn clockwise (to turn on the headlights) or counterclockwise (to turn off the headlights).

How to horn a golf cart

To sound a signal, press the button (in the photo it is marked with the number 3) on the lever, which is located on the left side of the steering wheel.

How to check the battery charge in a golf cart

Insert the ignition key and turn it to “On” mode.

The battery indicator will turn on, and you can check the charge level.


My wife, who has never driven a car in her life, learned how to drive a golf cart in a few minutes. True, before that I experienced several unpleasant moments in which I pressed the brake pedal from the passenger seat so that we would not move into a ditch)))))

But in general, this is a very easy transport to manage. The main thing is to slow down when cornering – after all, this transport is far from the stability of a car.

Video of my wife driving a golf cart for the first time in her life:

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