Geothermal spring where you can boil eggs and soak – San Kamphaeng Hot Springs

What is San Kamphaeng Hot Springs

Hot water bursts out of the ground – an interesting phenomenon called “geothermal springs” or “hot springs”.

The water is heated by the natural temperature of the earth and, boiling, bursts to the surface.

In Thailand, I counted about two dozen hot springs, with most of them concentrated in three provinces. Therefore, if you find yourself close to one of them, it is worth visiting.

In this post I will talk about San Kamphaeng Hot Springs, which is located in the province of Chiang Mai.

San Kamphaeng Hot Springs is something between a resort (camp site) and a health complex, which is based on hot springs.

You can rent a house and live here.

Or you can buy a ticket and use the hot springs: you can choose from pools (indoor and outdoor), baths, showers, channels with hot water of different temperatures.

Well, or you can just boil (chicken) eggs in this very hot spring.

San Kamphaeng Hot Springs Scheme:

San Kamphaeng Hot Springs coordinates: https://www.google.com/maps/@18.8163724,99.2277286,17z

How much are tickets to San Kamphaeng Hot Springs?

Ticket prices are as follows:

  • Thai adults – 40 baht
  • Thai children, Thai persons over sixty – 20 baht
  • Thai disabled people – free
  • Adult foreigners – 100 baht
  • Children of foreigners – 50 baht
  • Cars and motorcycles – 40 baht

There is no particular point in paying for transport to the hot springs area – you can leave your vehicle in the parking lot in front of the entrance. The area of San Kamphaeng Hot Springs is not very large and you can walk all over it.

Other services:

  • Shower with mineral water – 20 baht
  • Bath with mineral water – 60 baht
  • Place rental – 50 baht
  • Tent rental – the ticket says “300 baht” but the website says “500 baht for 2 people”
  • House: 1000, 1200 and 1500 baht
  • Big house: 4500 baht

Boiling eggs in a hot spring

This is one of the main activities in this place. Water superheated to 105 °C bursts out, that is, it is boiling water.

Eggs in wicker baskets are sold both in front of the entrance and on the territory of the hot springs. You can bring your own eggs – but you will need to place them in a bag of some kind.

You can choose from chicken and quail eggs or a mix of them. I recommend taking fewer quail eggs or not taking them at all: they taste like chicken eggs, but peeling these small eggs is annoying.

There is a special place for boiling eggs – you can easily recognize it by the cheerful statues with eggs.

Geothermal springs originate from here and the water here is the hottest.

Pay attention to the special iron fastenings for baskets and bags.

Here you will find grandma's best recipes for cooking boiled eggs in a geothermal spring:

There are several hot springs. The first thing that catches your eye is the round pool with bubbling water. A little to the left you will see another pool, the water there is literally boiling.

There are several hot springs. Don't get too close to them or put your hands in boiling water.

San Kamphaeng Hot Springs Video:

By the way, the first thing you notice in this place is the smell of eggs. But the point is not that there are too many eggs, it’s all about the natural smell of the water, which contains hydrogen sulfide and other minerals and gases.

The most powerful hot spring throws water high into the air. The water reaches the road and I wondered – is it hot there? Yes, I went and stood under the falling stream from the hot spring. Feel? The water is cold, almost icy! That is, it has time to cool down during the flight. Or maybe this “geyser” is just a man-made fountain – I'm not exactly sure.

Mineral water treatments

While you are walking to the place for boiling eggs, you will see small canals, next to them there are signs indicating the temperature of the water in this place.

Here you can sit and dip your feet in water of a suitable temperature from a geothermal spring.

There are also a number of other services available for an additional fee.

  • Outdoor mineral pool:

  • Mineral pool for children
  • Mineral bath

  • Indoor mineral pool for groups

Want a more secluded hot spring spot near Chiang Mai? I found this alternative for you, see the note for details: Geothermal spring in Thailand for soaking – Doi Saket Hot Spring

See also a map of all geothermal springs in Thailand: Hot springs in Thailand

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