Geothermal spring in Thailand for soaking – Doi Saket Hot Spring

Hot springs near Chiang Mai

In the article “Geothermal spring where you can boil eggs and soak – San Kamphaeng Hot Springs” I already talked about where in Chiang Mai you can take mineral baths and look at the hot water bursting out of the ground.

San Kamphaeng Hot Springs is a fairly crowded place; for example, when I was there, a bus full of schoolchildren arrived there.

There is another place with hot springs near the city of Chiang Mai, it is more secluded. This place is called Doi Saket Hot Spring.

Coordinates of Doi Saket Hot Spring on the map: https://www.google.com/maps/@18.9098428,99.2456445,17z

Doi Saket Hot Spring has its pros and cons – at least if you want to visit the hot springs, you will have plenty to choose from.

Doi Saket Hot Spring Plan:

Cost of mineral water treatments at Doi Saket Hot Spring

First of all, Doi Saket Hot Spring does not have an entrance fee like San Kamphaeng Hot Springs.

The cost of services is as follows:

70 or 100 baht for a private room for 30 minutes.

A place in the communal pool is 150 baht per adult and 50 baht per child for 30 minutes.

Renting a towel costs only 10 baht.

There are few visitors here, especially on weekdays. There may be more people on Sunday.

Private rooms have small pools with hot and cold water, half outdoors.

If you like to boil eggs in hot springs, then that is also possible here. There are enclosures with very hot water.

You can buy eggs right here. There are also several places where you can order food. But not all of them work on weekdays.

Overall, the place is very secluded.

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