Muang On Viewpoints

It is recommended to start reading with the note “Muang On – hillside cave network with stalactites & stalagmites, plus small shrines & Buddha statues”. It provides general information and the coordinates of this place.

In fact, the cave and Muang On viewpoints are one mountain.

Muang On first viewpoint

The first viewpoint of Muang On is located next to the parking lot. That is, to get there you don’t need to climb a mountain on foot. Moreover, you can get there even without paying a 20 baht donation. That is, it is a very accessible place to visit.

To find this building with a view of the mountain, a pond, a small farm and houses, turn left before the stairs with the dragons.

Notice the composition – the saints (or sages) are also enjoying the view. In this case, it is completely clear why they are sitting there.

The view is very peaceful.

I am always fascinated by the trees that grow on the mountains despite all adversity.

When you've had enough of the views, return to the stairs with the dragons.

Muang On Second Viewpoint

When you pass the first staircase with dragons, there will be a fork: to the right is the path to the caves, to the left is the ascent to the viewpoint.

The entire path consists of stairs, that is, it is more convenient than walking along a mountain path. But the stairs are quite steep and the path is not short.

From a hiking point of view, I would rate this route as easy, for beginners.

At the top we are greeted by a very beautiful statue and a new fork – right and left. Since we will visit both places, it doesn't matter which way you turn. First I went right.

There is a circular path with stunning mountain views. At the very top of the mountain there are several buildings.

View from one of the sides.

Video from Muang On viewpoint:

And this is the other side – the one towards which the first, lower point of view is directed. You can recognize the pond – it looks much smaller now.

Another video from Muang On viewpoint:

Notice how the image and statue fit perfectly into the picturesque landscape of this place.

On the other side of the mountain top, there is also a religious building and views of the opposite part.

As you may have noticed, the vegetation here obscures the views even more. But I was there in winter, perhaps at other times of the year these trees are covered with flowers and this adds a special charm to this place.

Mountains and tranquility.

As I said before, Muang On isn't too crowded – which is good since there isn't a lot of space. Overall, I really liked this place, both the cave and the viewpoints. In this place I feel peaceful and relaxed. I was there on a cloudy day (before that it was even drizzling a little), I think it’s even more beautiful on a sunny day.

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