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Siam Insect Zoo: excellent collection of insects, including live ones

Hot springs in Thailand

Geothermal spring in Thailand for soaking – Doi Saket Hot Spring

Geothermal spring where you can boil eggs and soak – San Kamphaeng Hot Springs

What is San Kamphaeng Hot Springs

Hot water bursts out of the ground – an interesting phenomenon called “geothermal springs” or “hot springs”.

The water is heated by the natural temperature of the earth and, boiling, bursts to the surface.

In Thailand, (more…)

Muang On Viewpoints

Muang On – hillside cave network with stalactites & stalagmites, plus small shrines & Buddha statues

What is Muang On in Chiang Mai

In the area of the Muang On temple there is a huge cave, more precisely, it is a network of caves at different depths, which are connected by passages.

The cave consists of several spacious spaces on two levels, connected by a staircase. There are small (more…)