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1. What is Laem Chabang and where is it located?

2. Features of Laem Chabang

3. Map of Laem Chabang attractions

4. Laem Chabang Municipality Health Park

5. Laem Chabang Community Mangrove Forest

6. Space Inspiration

7. Takhian Tia Culture Park

8. Beaches of Laem Chabang

9. How to get to Laem Chabang


What is Laem Chabang and where is it located?

Laem Chabang is an industrial city in the suburbs of Pattaya. It is located on Sukhumvit Rd in the direction of travel from Pattaya to Bangkok (north), the distance from Pattaya is approximately 15 km.

That is, you have most likely passed Laem Chabang many times if you traveled to Si Racha, Ko Sichang, Bang Saen or Bangkok.

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First of all, Laem Chabang is an industrial city with a large number of factories and a port.

Driving through the city you will see huge factories and large spaces filled with new cars. The quay is a port for large cargo ships.

In general, Laem Chabang is not the most interesting place from a tourist point of view. Nevertheless, if you decide to visit here, then I have selected for you several interesting places in Laem Chabang that you can visit during a one-day trip.

Features of Laem Chabang

1. There are many factory workers here. This means that during working hours the streets are quite deserted, but during non-working hours there are a lot of people, especially in recreational areas, of which there are quite a few in the city.

2. There are many production facilities here. This affects the purity of water and air.

3. A lot of large vehicles (for example, a variety of trucks).

4. There are quite a few attractions and restaurants, and in general the city's infrastructure is focused on industry rather than tourism. The most popular public transport here are buses, which take workers to work and take them home after the end of the working day.

Map of Laem Chabang attractions

Laem Chabang Municipality Health Park

On the map this place is marked as “Laem Chabang Municipality Health Park”.

An excellent, very well-kept and very beautiful park in the very center of the city.

The park is not very large, but thanks to the extensive network of paths and varied landscapes around, it feels like you are walking through a fairly large park.

If you decide to follow each path, your total route will be approximately 2 km or a little more.

There are 3 small ponds in the park. But due to the fact that the path either approaches the pond, then moves away from it and always turns a little, being in the park it is not very easy to determine at first glance how many ponds there are.

There is a fountain on the largest reservoir, and there is also a schedule for supplying oxygen to the water – perhaps this is an interesting sight. There are also solar-powered machines in the large pond – apparently, they are used to enrich the water with oxygen.

This is not the first time I have noticed a clock tower near Thai ponds – they always fit surprisingly well into the overall picture. In this park there is a tower with an electronic board, which, in addition to the time, also shows the air temperature. A beep signals the start of a new hour.

There are several sports grounds in the park – thanks to the already mentioned winding paths, I find it difficult to say exactly how many there are: because at the next turn of the path it is not clear whether this is a new sports ground or one already seen, but from the other side.

There is also an area where aerobics classes with music are held in the evenings.

Hammocks are strung between the trees and people are resting on each of them – apparently, they brought these hammocks with them.

The park has gazebos for relaxation.

In addition to gazebos, you will also find nice benches in different places of the park.

In the park you will also see artificial alpacas (a type of llama) – they are very cute.

There are animal figures carved from bushes, large stones and other decorative elements typical of parks.

Overall, a very nice park.

I assume that quite a lot of people gather there during non-working hours, since it is almost the only such place in this entire town. By the way, there are several very spacious parking lots there.

Laem Chabang Community Mangrove Forest

I love mango forests for one simple reason – throughout Thailand, entry is free. Although, in fact, mangrove forests are strikingly similar to each other and it is enough to visit at least one to imagine what it is like.

The mangrove forest in Laem Chabang is very small and looks quite abandoned.

There are only two circular routes in this forest – one is very small and can be seen in its entirety from one place, the second is much larger. I was not able to complete any of these circular routes.

On the first route, quite aggressive monkeys blocked our way. The monkeys were with their babies and some of them were placed on a tree that leaned onto the concrete path. In general, the monkeys considered this place theirs and did not let us through.

The abandoned appearance of the park catches your eye: there are a lot of leaves on the path, there is garbage brought in by the tide in the roots of the trees, even the small stall in front of the entrance to the park is closed.

In many places I saw such things that looked like watery drop-shaped products. They are strikingly reminiscent of silicone implants for breast enlargement – as if somewhere nearby there was an accident at a tits factory and some of the products were brought here. In fact, it's most likely something to retain water.

Like other mangrove forests, the vegetation and landscape changes as you move.

Besides monkeys, there are many other animals there.

For example, we saw black and blue crabs.

We also saw fish with legs.

The second route is mostly made of concrete, but there is a small wooden section. This area looks quite dangerous in some places. We did not dare to continue our journey, since our plans for that day did not include a visit to the hospital.

We went back and took the route from the other side. In fact, perhaps the boards are quite reliable and can easily support a person, but I did not check.

A small river flows into the park, which then leaves the park and flows into the sea. In some places you can see the flow of this river.

Space Inspiration

Do you dream of flying away from this planet into deep space, or are you doing well here too?

Doesn't matter. You or your children may still be interested in visiting Space Inspirium.

Space Inspirium is something between a small museum about the history of astronautics and a spectacular thematic exhibition.

Here you will find models of rockets, space suits for astronauts, and even a life-size model of a satellite.

There are decorative elements in the form of the insides of a spaceship and even a space latrine.

There are also stands with information about the history of the universe and the structure of the solar system.

In general, very educational and entertaining.

Takhian Tia Culture Park

House-museum on a hundred columns.

Nearby there are well-kept natural spaces for visiting and walking.

There is a campsite not far from here.

Beaches of Laem Chabang

The beach mostly serves as a port for large cargo ships.

There are several places with nice views of the sea or for fishing. But in general, the water here is not very clean due to the concentration of industrial facilities.

How to get to Laem Chabang

Laem Chabang can be reached by motorcycle or car – just 15 km from Pattaya.

If you want to get there by public transport, then there are also options – white tuk-tuks or minivans that go to Chon Buri or Bangkok. For details about this, see the articles (Laem Chabang is located in front of Si Racha if you move from Pattaya):


As has been noted many times, Laem Chabang is not a tourist place. But if you wish, you will find beautiful and interesting places here too.

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