How to place a motorcycle on the center stand properly

What are the differences between the side stand and the center stand of a motorcycle?

Any motorcycle has a Side Stand and a Center Stand.

Usually, when parking a motorcycle, a side stand is used – it folds out easily and is familiar to many – even to owners of bicycles that also have it.

The advantages of the side stand are its familiarity and ease of use.

Disadvantages of the side stand: The bike is not very stable on soft ground and/or steep inclines.

A central stand is available on all motorcycles, but according to my observations, it is used quite rarely. The motorcycle must be placed on the center stand if your battery is dead and you want to start the motorcycle with a foot drive. Also, the central stand is convenient when inspecting a wheel tire. In general, a motorcycle on a center stand is more stable (especially in mountainous areas and on soft ground).

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The disadvantage of the central stand could be that it is more difficult to use. But this is not true – the center stand is no more difficult to use than the side stand. But many people don’t know how to do it correctly, so they think that the center stand is difficult.

I myself put the motorcycle on the center stand incorrectly for a very long time, but I corrected myself and I hasten to share this knowledge with you.

Video on how to easily place a motorcycle on the center stand

Just watch the following video – in it I correctly place the motorcycle on the center stand and I do it easily and naturally.

How to properly and easily place a motorcycle on the center stand

1. Approach the motorcycle from the left side.

2. Grasp the motorcycle by the left handle grip and the grab rail.

3. Level the motorcycle so that it is standing straight, not tilted – much like when driving.

4. With your right foot, unfold the center stand and press it until the motorcycle stands on it.

That's all!

Please note that you do not need to pull the motorcycle or apply any other force with your hands. We use our hands just to level the motorcycle so that it stands straight. The only force we apply to the motorcycle is pressing on the center stand. As a result, it will unfold and the motorcycle will take the desired position on its own, without the need to pull it back and up.

How to fold the center stand

To lower the motorcycle from the center stand, roll it forward slightly. As a result, the central stand will fold itself and the motorcycle will be ready to move or park on the side stand.

Since it is necessary to apply force to the handlebars of the motorcycle, be careful when the engine is working.

If the motorcycle is started, it is better to sit astride it so as not to turn the accelerator handle accidentally.

If the motorcycle has a manual transmission, then put it in neutral speed (otherwise, under certain conditions, the motorcycle will leave without you).

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