Go Go and Coyote Bars

The difference between a traditional Go Go and a Coyote bar is the amount of clothes worn by the dancers with Go Go dancers wearing very little or nothing at all and Coyote dancers dressed sexily but dressed at all times . Of course many Go Go's are a combination of both!

The raunchiness and the quality of the shows vary greatly from highly choreographed routines at Angelwitch to a more normal dancing in shifts by the available girls at most most Go Go's.

Give a few a try, you including couples will be very welcome at them all, and buy a dancer a Lady Drink (this pays for their time) and have a chat!

They can be expensive so look out for Happy Hours which can last several hours, have a look at our Go Go and Coyote bar map which if known has Happy Hours, barfines, LD prices etc!

As you will see from our map the world famous Walking Street has the biggest concentration of Go Go bars followed by L.K Metro with the rest mostly in the area between Beach Road and Second Road.

After last years coup, a very low low season and a shorter and quieter than ever high season, more enforcement of the rules and a lack of quality girls a lot of bars are not surviving and that includes Go-go bars. Sadly this trend is expected to continue, a stroll around town will confirm this especially the open air beer bars with a large number of business's displaying for sale signs! Our Go-go & Coyote bar map will keep you up to date on closings and opening. Fortunately the good ones are still thriving.

Things like the line up, number of customers, vibe etc change very quickly even hour by hour so don't give up on a place after just one visit and remember that your attitude will greatly affect your experience.

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