How to get a certificate of residence in Pattaya, what is it and why is it needed

What is the Certificate of Residence for?

A certificate of residence is a document that confirms the address of residence of a foreigner in Thailand. This document is entirely in Thai, so it is called differently in English:

  • Certificate of Residence
  • residence certificate
  • residence (more…)

Where in Pattaya to extend a visa and get a certificate of residence. How to get to the Immigration Police in Pattaya

All visa issues, such as visa extension, extension of stay in Thailand, obtaining a Certificate of Residence, Re-Entry Permit and others are decided by the Immigration Police. Often this government agency is called the Immigration Office, Immigration Service.

In English, this body is called (more…)

Where in Pattaya to refuel a motorcycle and a car

In Pattaya, there are no gas stations on the streets of the city. The sellers of bottled gasoline also disappeared.

In some places you can stumble upon filling machines, but they are very rare and in disrepair.

So where to fill up a motorcycle or car in Pattaya?

Everything (more…)

Where in Pattaya to get and renew a driver’s license

In Land transportation department of Banglamung (also called Department of Land Transport or DLT for short) you can take car and motorcycle driving license exam, renew expired driving license, get Thai driving license based on your international driving license.

The closest DLT to Pattaya (more…)

How to use the COVID-19 testing kit

Using the COVID-19 testing kit, you can check if a person is sick within 15 minutes. This is practiced, for example, in face-to-face business meetings.

There are various brands of tests, for example:

  • HIP BIOtech COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) Antigen Test Kit
  • Singclean COVID-19 (more…)

How to call a taxi in Thailand and Bangkok. Applications for calling a taxi

Taxi in Bangkok

Uber doesn't work in Bangkok. You can install the Uber application, successfully register in it, confirm your contacts, but when it comes to calling a taxi, you will receive a message that Uber is not supported in Bangkok.

Hailing a cab was the main way to get a (more…)