Why Pattaya and when to visit

So along with a pleasant climate, large choice of tourist attractions, great nightlife, huge range of accommodation and eating options there is the ease and cheapness of getting round.

Peak season: December and January, especially Xmas and New Year is very busy, hotel prices are at their highest and may have compulsory Xmas and New Year dinners. If this is when you want to visit its the only time of year it is essential to book early as package holidays hotels, flights etc book up months in advance!

High season: Starts around 1st of October when the weather starts to be drier and ends after Songkran (Thai New Year) also known as the water festival in April. see lower down.

Low season: May through September is the rainy season although Pattaya beaches are safe for swimming unlike many other resorts that have dangerous rip tides at this time of year. Also the time when hotels, which already offer tremendous value are even better value although flights maybe more expensive during the school summer holidays. A great time of year for an extended stay, don't forget to ask if your chosen accommodation has special rates for long stay?

Thai public holidays: Holidays may slightly affect your holiday plans as most government offices, schools and banks ( but not money exchanges ) some government run tourist attractions like temples and palaces are closed. There are also some Buddist holidays and election days when bars are not supposed to serve alcohol or play music. If staying at a hotel their facilities will be open.

Songkran: Originally a charming festival on the 13th, 14th and 15th of April involving small amounts of blessed water. However this is Pattaya with full-scale but good natured water fights you cant go out without the risk of getting soaked and covered in flour so make sure you dress appropriately and protect your mobile phones, cameras and paper money from the water.

It is also the most dangerous time of the year on the roads so not a time to rent a motorcycle!

It also lasts longer than the official 3 days, lasting 8 days, from the 13th through the 20th of April, in Pattaya with many expats leaving at this time.

You'll love it or hate it and indeed many love it and its a very busy time of year!

By all means join in and enjoy but be responsible and don't throw water in motorcyclists faces or drivers windscreens!

Loy Kratong: Widely regarded as the most beautiful event of year, falling on the evening of the full moon of the 12th lunar month when it is at its biggest and brightest usually in November. Loy means float while Kratong refers to the lotus shaped receptacle which is decorated with joss sticks, candles, flowers, a small coin etc.

The joss sticks and candles are lit and the Kratong gently floated on the water whilst making ones wishes. They watch intently as it floats away hoping the candle will not go out.

The flame is said to signify longevity, fulfillment of wishes and release from sins. Hotels may use swimming pools bars and restaurants may use paddling pools instead of rivers or canals.

Restaurant, hotel, bar girls etc will be dressed in traditional clothes and look stunning.

You will be encouraged to join in on this fabulous evening and please do so but buy a biodegradable Kratong!

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