How to send money to Thailand with no fees. PaySend invite code: 0d8425

If you need to send an international money transfer to Thailand, the cheapest and fastest way to do this is to use the PaySend app.

The commission for the first international transfer is zero (when using the invite code 0d8425).

The commission for subsequent international money transfers is 1 dollar, regardless of the amount sent!

Everything is easy – verification is not required, it is enough to enter the bank details of the recipient of the transfer and information about the bank card that you want to use to send money.

Just find the PaySend application in the application store of your mobile phone – the program interface is elementary, you will definitely figure it out.

If you prefer to work on a computer, then go to the official website: https://paysend.com/

To make the first international money transfer without commission, use the invite code 0d8425.

As the payee's details, you can specify (optional):

  1. Recipient's bank card number
  2. Bank, account number and beneficiary's name

When sending a transfer to a bank card number, a Thai bank may charge a fee of 300 baht (this was a few years ago, whether this fee currently exists, I'm not sure). Payment to a bank card is credited instantly.

When sending a transfer to an account number, no additional fees are charged by a Thai bank! International money transfer is credited within 1-3 working days.

I have been using PaySend since the beginning of 2018, which is about 4 years at the time of writing. I wrote an article “International PaySend transfers – real customer feedback (2.5 years of experience, dozens of transactions)”. You can see a lot of screenshots there. Next, just a couple:

More than half a thousand people have already taken advantage of my recommendation, they made about 2 thousand international money transfers (in fact, more, statistics show only the second and subsequent transfers, the first transfer without commission is not taken into account).

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