The best ant control products in Thailand

Table of contents

1. Is it possible to permanently get rid of ants

2. Ant control chemicals (insecticides)

2.1 Poison for the ant queen and anthill

2.2 Ant sprays and chalks

3. Non-chemical ant control

3.1 Change (improve) your habits

3.2 Physical barriers for ants

4. How to call specialists for pest control (Pest control)

Is it possible to permanently get rid of ants

Ants in an apartment or house are a fairly common and annoying problem in Thailand. You can get rid of ants completely, or reduce this issue to a minimum.

The most effective results can be achieved provided that the condominium is not too run down and that the Management Company also takes action to control parasites and harmful insects. For example, in my room for a long time I have not seen a single ant.

If your apartment has a lot of gaps and no one fights insects in the building and neighbors, then you can still control the number of ants that enter your shelter.

Ant control chemicals (insecticides)

Poison for the ant queen and anthill

Ants are insects that live in a group and have entrusted reproduction to one female (queen). Therefore, if ants bring poisoned food to the anthill, then not only the individuals who found the food will be poisoned, but many others as well. And when the ant queen is poisoned, the battle with this ant colony can be considered won.

In Thailand, you can buy a very effective ant poison called “Ars Ant Killer F”. You can buy this product, for example, in Big C on the shelves with household goods and household chemicals.

To use the Ars Ant Killer F, open the plastic container and remove the bag of poisoned bait from it. Open the bait bag and pour it into the container. Close the container and place it next to the ant trail.

The bait has a pleasant scent for the ants, pretty soon they will find it and start dragging it into the anthill.

After 1-2 days, the ant colony will die.

Ant sprays and chalks

Also in stores you can buy a variety of sprays and chalks with insecticides.

In my opinion, these are less and less effective means against ants compared to the poison of the entire anthill.

However, you can use chalks to keep ants out of your home.

Sprays can be injected, for example, into cracks in the walls from which ants emerge.

Non-chemical ant control

Change (improve) your habits

Despite the fact that these are insects, there is always a meaning and purpose in the movement of ants. As a rule, they move towards food. Anything can be used as food: crumbs after your dinner, an unwashed plate, garbage in a bag, a dead insect, and so on.

If you thoroughly wipe the table after eating, keep the floor clean, regularly throw out the garbage and tightly tie it in bags, then your apartment will become much less interesting for ants.

Physical barriers for ants

It has already become a habit for me to keep products that, although they do not require refrigeration, are liked by ants, in the refrigerator. The most typical example is sugar. This product doesn't spoil at room temperature, but I put it in the fridge anyway because the ants can't get there.

In the refrigerator, you can hide any snacks and other products in leaky packages from ants.

Another insurmountable barrier for ants (after the refrigerator) is water. At the school where I studied Thai, a very interesting idea was used: sugar, cream and coffee were in ordinary jars, but all the jars were on a tray with a small amount of water. That is, it was not necessary to climb into the refrigerator or suffer from the opening of tightly sealed containers. A very simple but effective solution.

How to call specialists for pest control (Pest control)

If you cannot solve the problem on your own, then contact the Management Company (Juristic Person) of your condominium. Most condominiums perform scheduled disinfection against harmful insects about once a month.

Some condominiums put up announcements in public places (like in elevators) about the date of the upcoming disinfection. You can make a request to disinfect insects in your room. As a result, when a specialist arrives for the scheduled disinfection of the condominium, he can disinfect your room as well.

If your condominium does not undergo scheduled disinfection, then the Management Company can advise you on professionals who deal with harmful insects (Pest control). In this case, you will have to pay for the work of disinfectors yourself.

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