How to protect yourself from mosquitoes in Thailand

Table of contents

1. When is mosquito season in Thailand?

2. How to protect yourself from mosquitoes outdoors

2.1 Repellent stickers

2.2 Mosquito sprays and lotions for application to the skin

2.3 Mosquito coil

3. How to protect yourself from mosquitoes indoors

3.1 Heater gradually evaporating anti-mosquito liquid

3.2 Heater with repellent tablets

3.3 Mosquito coil indoors

3.4 Electric fly swatter

3.5 Sprays against mosquitoes

When is mosquito season in Thailand?

Mosquitoes in Thailand are very small and bite my skin only in some areas, for example, at the top of the foot. But people with more sensitive skin may suffer more from mosquito bites. Another difference between mosquitoes in Thailand is that they do not buzz.

You may have heard on the news that mosquitoes can spread diseases, but this is usually not the case in large cities.

Mosquitoes in Thailand are most numerous during the cold months (December, January, February). But they can be found throughout most of the year. Especially a lot of mosquitoes near fresh water in the evening, shaded foothills (round the clock) and some other places.

If you often open windows or doors to the balcony in the evening and at night and there are no mosquito nets on them, then mosquitoes will be frequent guests in your home.

This short article will tell you how to protect yourself from mosquitoes in various conditions at home and on the street.

How to protect yourself from mosquitoes outdoors

Repellent stickers

In the article “New modern protection against mosquitoes while walking”, I talked about a product in the form of small stickers on clothes called “Bug guard”.

There are 2 stickers in the package, the mosquito protection time of each sticker is 24 hours.

This tool has shown its effectiveness and convenience – pretty quickly you just forget that you are using it.

Suitable for both stationary pastime (picnic, for example), and for walking.

This option is especially suitable for those with allergies or skin irritations to mosquito repellent sprays and lotions.

At 7-Eleven, these stickers may be sold alongside medical supplies. Not every 7-Eleven has these mosquito repellant stickers.

Mosquito sprays and lotions for application to the skin

More familiar repellents.

Unlike stickers that stick and forget, these need to be applied to the surface of the skin from time to time.

Since one package can be used several times, mosquito sprays and lotions are cheaper than stickers.

Be careful not to confuse skin sprays with indoor insecticide sprays! The latter are much more toxic and are recommended for spraying with gloves, a mask, and without people in the room.

Mosquito coil

Very cheap, and therefore quite a popular way to control mosquitoes both indoors and outdoors.

The set includes a small iron stand.

Indoors, it is recommended to put a lit coil on a plate to avoid fire and damage to furniture and floors.

Outdoors, it is recommended to use at least two coils located on opposite sides.

How to protect yourself from mosquitoes indoors

Heater gradually evaporating anti-mosquito liquid

Perhaps this is the most modern and most comfortable way to protect against mosquitoes indoors. The heater is sold with a container in which liquid is placed for slow evaporation. The active ingredient is Transfluthrin.

In Thailand, heaters of the following manufacturers are presented:

  • Combat
  • Ranger Scout
  • ARS
  • Baygon

Liquids differ in aroma. If you want an unscented liquid, look for a package labeled “Fragrance free”.

The fluid container can be purchased separately without a heater.

The price for the cheapest heater (Ranger Scout) along with liquid in Big C and 7-Eleven is only 69 baht. But in Big C, this is the discount price (full price 99 baht). That is, 7-Eleven is not always more expensive than large stores (as I sometimes think).

The heater has a button that can be used to turn it off without having to unplug the appliance.

The plug rotates so that you can use the device in both horizontal and vertical electrical outlets.

Heater with repellent tablets

Before the advent of liquid heaters, tablet heaters were widely used.

In this photo, you can see these devices at the bottom right of the frame.

The principle of operation is similar: during the entire time of operation, the device gradually evaporates the mosquito repellent. But I would classify this option as obsolete, since liquid heaters are better in everything: more economical and more convenient.

Mosquito coil indoors

Compared to the previous method, this option does not require electricity and is even cheaper. But I would rather classify it as obsolete, since mosquito coils are still not as convenient as liquid heaters.

Inside the package there are 4 circles, each with 2 coils. Before use, the two coils must be separated from each other – for me this is still an art.

The coil must be fixed on an iron stand, and it is recommended to place this structure on a plate or other non-combustible surface. Then the coil must be lit from one end and allowed to slowly smolder, gradually evaporating with repellent.

If the room is closed and no new mosquitoes are getting in, then I would recommend using the coil for a limited time, about 30-60 minutes, and then extinguish it.

There are coils that scent the air during smoldering, or you can choose a coil without flavors.

Electric fly swatter

From time to time I see people who use an electric fly swatter in the form of a racket.

I've never used this device, and I'm not even sure what it's called properly, a search gave me the following wonderful set of names:

  • Rechargeable Mosquito and Insekt Killer Rocket
  • Rechargeable Electric Fly Mosquito Swatter Bug Zapper Racket Insects Killer
  • Racket Electric Fly Swatter Insect Killer
  • Foldable Electric Mosquito Swatter Wall-Mounted Handheld 3000V Rechargeable Mosquito Fly Racket Adjustable Bug Zapper
  • Portable Mosquitos Killer Pest Control For Bedroom Outdoor Electric Handheld Bug Zapper Insect Fly Swatter Racket Garden Tools

I have never used an electric fly swatter to fight mosquitoes, for the reason that it seems to me not effective enough: you can only kill the mosquito or fly that you touched with the electric fly swatter.

But if you need an option without the use of insecticides and any other chemicals, then you can try this tool.

Chances are most people use it at home, but I've seen some people use it outside as well.

These devices have a built-in battery and can be recharged.

Keep your fingers out of it (even if you are very curious!) and try not to burn yourself with the remnants of mosquitoes and flies.

Sprays against mosquitoes

Sprays kill not only mosquitoes, but also cockroaches and ants.

Sprays are recommended to be used without people in the room.

If the room has gaps to the street and mosquitoes constantly get inside the house or apartment, then I would recommend using an electric heater or coils against mosquitoes.

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