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Types of cinema halls and seats in Pattaya and Thailand: Deluxe, Premium, First class, Porch, MX4D, 3D

Wife after horror movie:

– They have to give me back half the cost of the movie ticket!

– Why?

– Because half of the movie I watched with my eyes closed!

First, it should be noted that in Thailand there are cinemas of two companies:

What is cinema in MX4D and 4DX. Where to watch MX4D and 4DX in Pattaya and Thailand

MX4D and 4DX are theaters with 3D films, as well as with additional environmental effects, such as moving in different directions and vibrating chairs, water splashes, fog and smoke, cold and hot air blowing, lighting on the sides of the cinema hall.

In general, it is similar to the 4D attractions (more…)