What is cinema in MX4D and 4DX. Where to watch MX4D and 4DX in Pattaya and Thailand

MX4D and 4DX are theaters with 3D films, as well as with additional environmental effects, such as moving in different directions and vibrating chairs, water splashes, fog and smoke, cold and hot air blowing, lighting on the sides of the cinema hall.

In general, it is similar to the 4D attractions that were popular over 10 years ago, but the MX4D and 4DX are designed for feature films. For example, the Avatar movie is currently being re-released in MX4D format.

Thanks to 3D, the movement and shaking of chairs, as well as other environmental effects, a more complete immersion and empathy with what is happening on the movie screen is achieved, and the plausibility of perception increases.

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What is the difference between MX4D and 4DX

MX4D and 4DX are developed by different manufacturers and are used by cinemas of different brands. At its core, these are quite similar technologies: 3D + moving chairs + environmental effects.

Where to watch MX4D in Pattaya and Thailand

At the time of writing, the MX4D is present in only two theaters in Thailand, one of which is located in Pattaya at the Central Festival mall, officially called SFX CINEMA Central Pattaya (sometimes called SFX Cinema Central Festival Pattaya Beach).

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Ticket price in Pattaya for Avatar in MX4D format is THB 330.

The second cinema with MX4D is located in Bangkok, it is called SF WORLD CINEMA Central World.

You can see the current list of cinemas with MX4D in Thailand, as well as a more detailed description of this technology, on the page: https://www.sfcinemacity.com/system-type

Where to watch 4DX in Pattaya and Thailand

There are more 4DX cinemas in Thailand, but unfortunately there are no 4DX cinemas in Pattaya.

List of 4DX cinemas in Thailand:

  • Paragon Cineplex (Bangkok)
  • Westgate Cineplex (Bangkok)
  • Promenade Cineplex (Bangkok)
  • Major Ratchayothin (Bangkok)
  • Eastville Cineplex (Bangkok)
  • Hatyai Cineplex (Hatyai city, Songkhla province in southern Thailand)
  • Major Central Festival Chiangmai (North of Thailand)
  • Korat Cineplex (Korat, Nakhon Ratchasima, central Thailand)
  • Mega Cineplex (Bangkok)
  • Icon Cineconic (Bangkok)

You can view the current list of cinemas with 4DX in Thailand, as well as a more detailed description of this technology, on the page: https://www.majorcineplex.com/system/fourdx

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